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Happy Chinese Spring Festival


Happy Chinese Spring Festival

Thanks for your cooperation with Newstar Stone in 2016, now we come to China New Year, we like to bring this Luck to you,


Talking about Stone Waist Line in Four Styles

Home furnishing hotel decoration, are inseparable from the waist, most of the wall decoration should be with the waist line. General space wall only use a decorated line, arranged in the ground from 0.8 m to 1 m position, also known as the waist line; stone waistline position as if the waist line of clothing, is indispensable embellishment; such as fashion Popular release in general, decided to home decoration style stone waistline, also has its own trend;


Talking about the choice of home decoration stone

Home decoration stone how to use. Stone with more, not necessarily good-looking. How to make the stone finishing touch of magical effect it


Advocate green back to nature, the marble countertops sought after

Social advocacy of green, return to the nature of the idea of ​​a strong desire. And here, we are the real protagonist of pure natural marble material, marble countertops warming up marble countertops with its atmospheric grace of the natural texture by consumer recognition.


Different characteristics style of various cultural stone

Cultural stone is not a separate stone, is processed by the stone, itself does not come with any cultural meaning, it is expressed to achieve a certain decorative effect of the processing and production methods. Cultural stone attractive feature is the color lines to maintain the original natural style, coupled with changes in the allocation of color, stone texture can be the connotation and artistic show exhaustive.


A Brief Talk on Cultural Stone Decoration

Cultural stone is not as gorgeous as marble, not so bright as granite, but the culture of stone with a rough texture, rich colors, natural form. With this stone wall decoration, paved the ground, making the wall view, etc., can reveal a cultural flavor and natural flavor. Even if it is to create a small mountain scenery, or paved one side of the country where the cultural stone are very appropriate. Cultural stone cheap, diverse specifications, inlay easy to operate, can reflect the personality of the decoration, so it is increasingly welcomed by the people.


Reasonable with the stone color, enhance the overall decorative effect

Decoration, decoration is the use of all existing human materials and means to create the best visual effects to meet the pursuit of human beauty. In the human known decoration materials, stone with its natural bright and rustic texture, become the designer of choice material.


Discussion on Stone Mosaic and Three Laying Methods

Stone mosaic is widely used, hotels, home improvement can come in handy. Stone mosaic mainly marble mosaic, granite mosaic, jade mosaic, travertine mosaic, shaped mosaic, artistic waist mosaic and other products.


Causes of color tolerance of Natural Stone and its treatment

Whether in the selection of granite, marble or sandstone, there are color problems. When the same type of pavement in the same area of ​​the larger the same plane should pay attention.


Natural non-slip material - sandstone

Sandstone is a natural stone, but also a natural anti-skid material. The rocks were decomposed by weathering and denudation, or dissolved by water erosion, deposited on the stone bed. Due to crustal movement, the pressure cementation, and a series of physical and chemical effects, so that the formation of Now the sandstone mine. Its unique texture, the formation of streamlined stripes. Texture changes, patterns clear, elegant colors, like the Yellow River turbidity, rolling waves; Another example is the Millennium trees, circle rings; like a picture of landscapes into the painting. Elegant and warm, coordinated and yet luxurious; it has a stone texture, wood texture, as well as spectacular landscape picture, rich colors, close to nature, simple and elegant, unique in the many stone, it is beautiful Was called "Li Shi."



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