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Advocate green back to nature, the marble countertops sought after

Social advocacy of green, return to the nature of the idea of ​​a strong desire. And here, we are the real protagonist of pure natural marble material, marble countertops warming up marble countertops with its atmospheric grace of the natural texture by consumer recognition.

Family kitchen table decoration The advantages of using marble countertops generally boils down to the following points:

First, the marble material pure natural sense of simple and strong, beautiful appearance. In this fast-paced society, after a busy day to return to nature without losing a good way to extract.

Second, the marble countertops low cost, different colors, the most commonly used in several price is only 200 yuan - 500 meters or so, are the most affordable a table material.

Third, the marble countertops highly durable material, anti-scratch performance is very prominent, anti-wear, high temperature, maintenance-free. Good rigidity, high hardness, strong abrasion resistance, small temperature deformation. Does not appear scratches, not subject to constant temperature conditions to prevent, at room temperature can maintain its original physical properties.

Fourth, no deformation, high hardness, wear resistance. Rock by the long-term natural aging, uniform organizational structure, linear expansion coefficient is minimal, internal stress completely disappeared, no deformation. Not afraid of acid, alkaline liquid erosion, not rust, do not have oil, not sticky dust, maintenance, easy maintenance simple, long service life.

5, physical stability, careful organization, the impact of grain off, the surface can not afford to flash, does not affect the plane accuracy, material stability, to ensure long-term deformation, linear expansion coefficient, high mechanical precision, rust, insulation. Not magnetization, measurement can move smoothly, without Zhise sense, from the impact of moisture, said the plane will be good.

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