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Natural non-slip material - sandstone

Sandstone is a natural stone, but also a natural anti-skid material. The rocks were decomposed by weathering and denudation, or dissolved by water erosion, deposited on the stone bed. Due to crustal movement, the pressure cementation, and a series of physical and chemical effects, so that the formation of Now the sandstone mine. Its unique texture, the formation of streamlined stripes. Texture changes, patterns clear, elegant colors, like the Yellow River turbidity, rolling waves; Another example is the Millennium trees, circle rings; like a picture of landscapes into the painting. Elegant and warm, coordinated and yet luxurious; it has a stone texture, wood texture, as well as spectacular landscape picture, rich colors, close to nature, simple and elegant, unique in the many stone, it is beautiful Was called "Li Shi."

Sandstone is a kind of natural non-slip material, the surface of dense, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali, high temperature, anti-aging, waterproof, fire, sound-absorbing, light absorption, insoluble in water, not long moss, easy to clean. Is a non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, non-radiation, low water absorption, impact-resistant green products can be produced Jinsha cultural curtain wall, art relief, flower pots, guardrail, pillar, lines, frames, lamp, Art furniture, jewelry, etc., can also be used for urban greening, luxury hotels, luxury hotels, bath center, entertainment and modern home and other buildings inside and outside decoration. Sandstone products, low hardness can be just any ordinary power tools cutting, drilling, splicing, bonding, transportation, installation, construction is very convenient.

Sandstone has many advantages, but also has its weakness brittle, we can use the floor composite to strengthen, to increase their strength and sense of security. By strengthening the strength of the product, we also take into account the simplicity of the product installation, as long as the sculpture can be fixed on the wall with the Rose, the product can be decorated with organic wood connection, the shape of the background to play a more perfect space to overcome The traditional stone installation cumbersome and reduce installation costs. Decorated house without the need to add other processes and paint can be directly mounted on the wall sculpture. And with the general cement paste fixed in a variety of materials, the surface can be scrubbing with a hard brush detergent (powder) water, life of more than 30 years.

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