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Talking about Stone Waist Line in Four Styles

Home furnishing hotel decoration, are inseparable from the waist, most of the wall decoration should be with the waist line. General space wall only use a decorated line, arranged in the ground from 0.8 m to 1 m position, also known as the waist line; stone waistline position as if the waist line of clothing, is indispensable embellishment; such as fashion Popular release in general, decided to home decoration style stone waistline, also has its own trend;

1, vertical waist: space magic in the past, the waist line has been horizontal; but this year, a lot of decoration, the waist design will break the routine, take vertical line; According to professionals, the relative horizontal waist Line, the vertical line in the line will be more smooth, and more than the horizontal line to save material; and in the pattern of choice, bright, engaging, but also has a cultural taste or modern vertical waist Line, is the best choice;

2. Square waist: surround the mirror In addition to the above several stickers, there are many kinds of creative waist paste method, along the mirror mount, so that the mirror has a wall and can match the frame; The feeling of more coherent;

3. Very thin waist line: elegant delicate size consistent, uniform, is the previous laying of stone standards; the traditional waist are rectangular tile, in addition to changes in color, the perception no other changes, and small size fine Waist line design, in recent years, gradually emerging in the new fashion among them; thin waist line, both with ordinary waist line can be used together, and can be used alone; in the elegant bathroom space, the emergence of delicate and elegant waist line, As if a girl with a thin belt, not publicity, and compelling;

4. Bold waist: pattern win and like the fine style of the relative, like the colorful patterns of people also have a personalized choice, with a large area of ​​flowers instead of waistline, in addition to the color of the impact is more intense, According to the user's preferences, choose a different stone, to make arrangements for the combination of art, to create a personalized design.

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