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Atmospheric durable stone pots

In recent years, in some large square, downtown, tourist attractions, garden building, etc. will see a variety of stone pots. Stone pots are widely used in the construction of landscape architecture, in the district is also a common plant flowers and plants. Stone carving pots with its beautiful sculpture technology, atmospheric morphology, long service life by people like. In the streets, 3322 flower pots, lined up, flower pots, the seasonal flower planting during the period, through regular watering, fertilization, conservation, they received a good landscape effect.


The Method of Identifying the Merits of Artificial Stone

As the artificial stone production process varies greatly, performance, features are not entirely consistent, so the above advantages are not you buy the performance of artificial stone. Currently on the market of imported artificial stone in the performance is quite good. For example, imports of artificial stone allowed to use sandpaper polish the surface of the scratches, the user's own treatment is no longer obvious, and many domestic artificial stone is clearly not, the more polished the more rotten. Buy artificial stone, it is best to get a model for bad test.


The advantage of artificial stone

Currently on the market a variety of cabinet countertops materials, artificial stone countertops, but also made of fire board countertops, as well as stainless steel countertops, as well as marble, granite and other natural stone countertops. In so many materials, we say that the advantages of artificial stone countertops.


Chinese red granite Yong red G696

Bulk density: 2.59 g / cm3

Water absorption: 0.33%

Compressive strength: 134.2Mpa


On the choice of natural stone home improvement or artificial stone solution

Recent media reports of high-end natural stone laying a year after the crack news, stone in the end is a natural good, or man-made good?


Home selection of stone, green and more advantages

Stone into the home improvement market has become the industry trend, home improvement market has always been the world of ceramic products, and in recent years, the uniqueness of the stone gradually in the home improvement market accounted for a certain share of modern decoration materials indispensable, today with everyone Understand home improvement stone.


Top Ten Reasons for Choosing Granite Countertops

There are not two identical granites in the world, so you can create a unique and luxurious kitchen. One thing we can be sure of here is that with a good maintenance, the beautiful appearance of the granite kitchen countertop will not fade with the passing of time. Why is it so popular?


Home selection of stone, green and more advantages


Living room bedroom floor or stone brick of stress

The advantages of stone brick

1 fire, waterproof, anti-corrosion performance is good; 2 environmental protection and modeling rich and beautiful. 3 easy to clean, easy maintenance, easy to hide pollution, no air pollutants; 4 long life, generally can use 50-80 years.


Natural stone and ceramic tiles

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's stone industry, stone has been from the original high-end building decoration materials to millions of households, as more and more users choice, and in some areas to replace the tile into the field of architectural decoration the most popular product.



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