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Questions About Home Improvement choose natural stone or artificial stone

Decoration stone used can be divided into two kinds of natural stone artificial stone, natural stone which in daily use can be divided into two kinds of marble and granite, all textured, are called marble, mainly referred to the spotted flower stone. And usually it refers to the artificial stone has some differences from the appearance to the artificial nature between solid surfaces made of resin, aluminum powder, pigments, and curing agents made both.


Select milk white marble for all regions decoration

Whether your house is traditional or modern, who would not want a creamy white marble slabs of it, the designer of this material is particularly handy to use, whether small or large pieces of marble, you can find the most suitable location.


Teach you how to choose inexpensive granite countertops

Granite with its wear-resistant, anti-oil properties are more and more families love. Granite countertops have become the preferred natural stone kitchen countertops. Granite countertops maintenance costs are very low, only occasionally scrub. Its smooth surface prevents the penetration of food and liquids, so regular cleaning as simple as dry hole Aung surface.


What is natural stone lines

Natural stone lines: made of natural stone, commonly used as indoor and outdoor construction, the main decorative role for a class decorative material. Shaped stone lines, is as distinct from the class need flat stone line stone line processing complex, however, because the lines shaped stone decorative and representative, we regard the general lines classified as special-shaped line category, also known as stone flower line, referred to as lines or flex.


How to identify the quality of Mongolia black granite

Mongolia Black granite first produced in Chifeng in Inner Mongolia, Liaoning Jianping, later Jining in Inner Mongolia and other places have also mined basalt, called Mongolia black granite belonging to its relatively fine particles after polishing plate surface color is black, but there is a little bit biased Huang feeling, the board also has to take some white spots.


Natural stone pavement classification

Material mainly have sandstone pavement, pavement slate, granite pavement, limestone pavement.


How to choose the stone decoration and color match

Decoration stone with comfortable space is an important element of the display. Has a natural beauty with patterns and colors of stone, provides designers with a broad design space, her own unique charm conquered countless stars love it heart. Stone choices, how to effectively mix the like, will be related to the overall effect of the decoration.


What are the advantages of granite

Before long there are granite, granite is a kind of volcanic eruption and lava under considerable pressure ridges in the molten state to construct the surface crust of rock, I believe that many people do not know. In the surface crust formation, moving slowly cooled down.


Advantages and disadvantages of natural stone countertops

Natural stone in daily use is mainly divided into two types: marble and granite.


Application of quartz to note how conservation

Quartz stone is widely used in life, having a quartz stone other decorative materials can not match wear, pressure, temperature, corrosion resistance, anti-penetration characteristics, have been increasingly used in Chufang table, laboratory table , windowsill, bar, elevator, floors, walls, etc., building materials, building materials require a relatively high places, artificial quartz stone is also applicable.



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