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Emperador light marble mosaic

Emperador light marble mosaic is an equipment-necessary sort of marble which is utilized by professionals. There are two methods for cutting such sort of marble mosaic.Just one may be the conventional method of cutting--the most possibly method that Romans and Greeks who initially made mosaic art work used.The next way is frequently a drastically extra modern, cleaner method of slicing marble, however it demands some work.Cutiing marble mosaic is not difficult but also need some painstakingly work, especially when employing the cleaning look.This stylish and exclusive dim emperador marble mosaic may be the most current inclusion to our mosaics range. Complimentary of our emperador gentle marble tiles, they arrive on hand made, mesh mounted sheets and therefore are uncomplicated to run with.Hold a 1-foot-square product of marble tile from the coloring of your choice using just one hand on possibly borders inside the tile.Lift the tile up much more than your head, then toss it lower toward the ground as well as a hard surface. The tile will shatter into an amazing offer of tiny pieces.


Rainbow sandstone flooring fresh and pure

Rainbow sandstone flooring is perfect for stone design and it gives a perfect beautiful looks.As the name suggests Rainbow sandstones have veins of many completely different colours all through their surface area. The color is dependent near to the percentage belonging toward the constituent nutritional vitamins and minerals current and appears in lots of completely different forms. fabulous excellent finely-grained quartz are used in producing these Rainbow Sandstones.Nevertheless,the color, pattern, the surface of this sandstone gives a colourful look to it. It has got veins of brown color embedded on its surface throughout. For centries, sandstones are getting utilized as Decorative Sandstones. These Sandstones are also quite well-known because of the actuality of the different mint color. they can be found inside the kind of tiles, slabs and minimize to sizes. These Mint Sandstones are of quite higher quality.Its unique coloring shades coupled with smooth texture has designed it between probably the most well-known sandstones. This new sandstone flooring is very attractive, eye-catching and have obtained a extremely special color surface area that immediately gains the thought belonging for the onlookers. These have obtained extremely potent environs and give their surroundings a wonderful combination and complete harmony using the nature.

Chinese stone brands

A Chinese stone brands can be a kind of the housing refusing on the company prides itself on a very high standard of workship providing a fine sinish and virtually undetectable repairs that save customers thousands of pounds on expensive replacement.Mike vanian of glenwood spring asked what the public will gain if the mining was a public benefit when ppublic commment are being accepted until friday march written comments can be addressed to white banks project housing and virtually itself on a very high standard of workship.Plasic surgeon is committed to help achieve sustainable constrution.




Silver Dragon Marble

Product Information
Type: Marble
Place of Origin: China
Standar Size: 300*300 ,300*600 , 400*400 ,457*457 , 600*600(mm),or customized size for tiles
special shape stone.
Slab Size:1200mm up*2400mm up
Thickness: 10,15,18,20,30(mm)Customized
Porducts Available: slab, tile, countertop, step,decorative line, table, bench, paving stone ect.
Finish available: polished, honed, flamed, bush-hammered etc.Can produce as customer's requirements.
Edge:Eased, Beveled, Bull nose, Ogee, Cove, Dupont, laminated,non-laminated and etc.
We supply Silver Dragon and other products in different specifications.
Latest price quotation of Silver Dragon.
Marble Slab and the latest catalog of its finished products will be offered as per your requirements.
If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us!
















Silver Dragon Bar Top & Resistration Desk













Silver Dragon Quarry














Silver Dragon Tiles















Silver Dragon Slabs








Silver Dragon Border









Silver Dragon Stair









Silver Dragon Pattern











Silver Dragon Column












Silver Dragon Vanity Top
















 Silver Dragon Projects









Silver Dragon Floor Tiles










Silver Dragon Wall Tiles

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Happy Newstar's trip to Sanya

On Mar.15th.2012, Newstar Int’l Sales & Service Team went to Sanya, which is one famous seaside tourist destination with clear air and good weather for 5 days’ travel. we enjoyed the warmly sunshine, blue sand beach, funny local custom,so joyful and cheerful . We felt fully Relaxation after some works
Here we would like to share our traveling photos with you .Hope the pictures to cheer you!

Have you been there before ? If possible , having a vacation with your family there ,so romantic and peaceful!

Granite vanity top installation

Installing a granite vanity top can produce a clean and modern design.Granite marble mesa, durable, beautiful, has more advantages, can be used in a basin sink install a granite vanity top can be according to the sink and faucet has connected to the top, and cabinet base is clean.Granite vanity top installation. The granite counter upside down so, the underside is attached to the bottom of the sink face the counter multiplied by a bead organic silicone adhesives below the counter of the sink in edge cutout.Using epoxy additional sink sink and counter installed hardware this is done in three steps stem must be fixed bolt of granite, mounting clips himself the sink.Application of granite and press below epoxy bolts stem in place allow epoxy build 10 minutes, then use epoxy attached mounting clips of subsidence with wrench, attach mounting clips of bolt stem.Install the tap to vanity top adornment partially open the tap from branches, the stem of the tap tap hole drilling in the counter through, come back before tightening.Local granite heart bottom ark check before layout vanity be longer 1 inch in front of the cabinet on both sides and the loyalty of many and forged to adapt to the template accurate vanity and position.Water supply and discharge will be installed at the top of the vanity is safe to avoid cutting the sink, keep on vanity is upside down, this step if not be a template, as far as possible the counter as close to the center of the vanity.

How to choose marble stone?

Interior marble stone decoration is often a bright spot for an ordinary house.If you want more personality to your own house,you can choose granite decorative wall.Natural stone has a natural pattern.A good performance of creative intent to art on the wall.


Hot product-Green Jadeite Granite


Green Jadeite Granite

The product name of "green jadeite" derives from its similarities in patterns, colors and compositions to hard green jade.With the mixture and movements of red and green colors,green jadeite is gorgeous and brilliant.
Green jadeite has passed the systematic tests by National Con struction Material &Industrial Stone Quality Control Center.The tested parameters are below.

Density: 3.07(g/cm3)
Dry anti-compression: 338.5MPA
Winding Strength: 21.5MPA(Dry situation)
Winding Strengh:20.6MPA(Water Saturation)
Water absorption: 0.04% Xiao's Hardness: 108HSD
Radioactivity: Ira=0.16,Ir=0.20(meets the GB6566-2001 standards of Class A)

It suitable for  tiles, cut-to-size, slabs, countertops and vanity tops, window sill, tub surround, stairs and step, sink, bowl,fireplace,tombstone etc.Green jadeite has been  applied in various proijects of bank,office,home and hotel with elegant perfection.

Quary&Green Jadeite Granite A
      Quarry                                                                                              Green Jadeite Granite A 
Green Jadeite Granite
                                       Green Jadeite Granite B                                                                            Green Jadeite Granite C
Stone Border&Wash Basins
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Countertops & Wash Basins &Vanity Top
                                    Countertops & Wash Basins                                                      Vanity Top
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                                                        Fireplaces                                                                        Floor
Kitchen Countertop
Kitchen Countertop

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