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Shandong purple sandstone and its mineral introduced


Shandong purple sandstone and its mineral introduced
Shandong purple sandstone Profile
    Shandong purple rock is mainly purple bottom with subtle white granular textured sandstone, uniform and stable color tone seemed solemn wealth, harmony and texture, the color difference is not small part partial color mauve or beige.

Onyx countertop

Maintain the maximum quality and reliability at onyx stone
White Onyx          Green Onyx       Orange Onyx         Pink Onyx         Tiger Onyx
Onyx is truly a showstopper. The unique translucent properties of onyx slabs make them the ultimate statement of
nature’s raw beauty. Meanwhile, the possibility of backlighting the stone opens up onyx’s areas of application to
virtually anywhere you can imagine it.

China Newstar is a professional onyx stone manufacturer and exporter.We supply various kind of onyx products with
competitive prices, such as onyx tiles,onyx slabs,onyx with glass,onyx countertop etc.
Onyx Slab

Onyx Countertop & Vanity Top
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Impact stone life factors

                              Impact stone life factors

People believe that the stone is a long-term high-grade decorative materials.In fact, in the natural environment, dust, exhaust, acid rain, freezing and other pollutants caused architectural stone easily fade, pollution or even destroy,greatly reducing the the stone decorative effect and service life, at the same time, due to the mistakes of the construction method, can also cause the failure of the stone decorative effect in the short term, which had re-decoration of buildings, and caused a lot of waste of human and material resources.


The stone furniture selection and collocation points

Natural stone natural, simple, not demon is not brilliant, the world has been popular for thousands of years, and get more and more consumers of all ages. Now more and more furniture decoration stone shadow.

Blue granite

As we all know that blue granite is a rare and costly natural stone . If using it in the home ornament, it could give a distinctive visual effect. Except for the Amazonita and Azul Macaubas, there are also other blue, which is quite beautiful, such as the blue eyes, blue king and the blue pearl.

The water absorption of the natural stone


What is the water absorption of the natural stone?
Stone water absorption of natural stone's ability to absorb water under standard atmospheric pressure, based on the amount of moisture absorbed by the stone to measure, and is usually expressed as a percentage of quality.

G684 Basalt granite


                                                                          G684 Basalt granite

The British Granite Stone Market Analysis


The British Granite Stone Market Analysis
British granite market demand preferences:
Demand for granite in the United Kingdom and the United States but it is still relatively close, as they prefer light-colored granite varieties, but the British relatively simple stone prefer solid colors or board, and the Americans will like texture spend relatively point of the stone.

Swimming Pool & Stone Pool Coping

Natural Stone Swimming Pool
Swimming pool edges, pool stone coping, swimming copping stones
1.Treatment : Polished, honed, flamed,sawn,flamed+brushed,pipeappled,chiseled,
2 .Dimensions reference :
60x60x2cm/3cm, 50/100/120x15~40x3cm, 250x35x3cm,250x70x3cm,
60x30x2-3cm Sizes according to clients' exact requests.
3. Design or produce swimming pool or spa pool side upon your request
4. Pool pavers, decking tiles, stone patio pavers, stone Pool liner.
5. Natural stone coping, stone edge, pool coping, spa coping etc
6. Swimming pool copings are made of granite, limestone, sandstone, slate,
travertine,basalt etc
Sandstone Swimming Pool                          Sandstone Swimming Pool                     Sandstone Swimming Pool
  Limestone Swimming Pool                        Limestone Swimming Pool                        BasaltSwimming Pool
Granite Swimming Pool                            Bluestone Swimming Pool                         Bluestone Swimming Pool
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How to Care for Marble Table

How to Care for Marble Table?

The maintenance of different natural stone is different, so do the different finished products. If there are marble table in your home, you could store up the following information.The marble table differs from tables with other material, like glass or wood in the aspect of maintenance. A wood table might need a little bit of Pinesol andthe glass table some Windex, while a table needs to be cleaned regularly, and have applications of sealant to ensure that water does not leak through.



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