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Talking about the choice of home decoration stone

Home decoration stone how to use. Stone with more, not necessarily good-looking. How to make the stone finishing touch of magical effect it

People's visual and sensory effects that the stone has a "pressure of the child" role, if the indoor area is small, a lot of use of stone, then the whole space will become too heavy and cold, warm enough. However, if the mansion in the use of stone improper, the effect will be counterproductive.

General stone is mainly used in the public space of the ground, TV backdrop, cabinet countertops, windowsill and some balconies. First of all, for the TV backdrop, if you want to own home decoration more personality, show momentum, you can choose to do decorative granite wall, granite recommended natural stone, natural granite pattern natural, Can be a good expression of creative intent, suitable for artistic modeling on the wall. Of course, the use of the entrance and other local embellishment is not bad.

Second, the public space is more suitable for the living room floor with marble, and bathroom floor and walls are also suitable for marble decoration, but in principle must choose non-slip type, it is recommended that this area of ​​stone with artificial stone more appropriate, because artificial stone is based on actual The use of the problem and research out of it in the moisture, acid, alkali, high temperature and patchwork aspects have improved, so the use of more in the bathroom.

In addition to extensive use of stone on the ground, many families have chosen the Piaomou stone, decorative table at the same time also sunscreen. Cabinet for the use of the table, cabinet table is the most frequently used areas, select the stone from the hardness and anti-wear point of view.

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