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Why is slate calibrated ?

Why is slate calibrated ?

You will note when browsing our website that all of our slates are calibrated to the rear of the tile . This means that there is a natural riven face with a flat back.


Dragon Boat Festival in Newstar

June is a special month with full of passion, dream, hoping and happiness.

In this month, our company takes part in The Orange Battle, which is hold by Alibaba. And there are 136 companies and 635 persons take part in the battle. The battle is a PK of sales volume, performance, outward bound etc. We set up the goal and try the best to achieve our goal. In this Orange Battle, we devoted ourselves to the work, offer the best service to our customers, like send them gift, discount etc..


Stone Slabs

Stone slab is a thick, broad piece of stone which can be further used to create a large variety of artifacts and things of use in kitchen, living rooms and garden. In factory the stone slabs are the result of the transformation of raw materials exposed to extremely high temperatures, extremely high pressure and an exclusive process for surface randomness control


Tumbled Stone

Tumbling is a process of smoothing and polishing a hard substance like stone. For tumbling of stones a rubber barrel is loaded with consignment of rocks, abrasive grit and a lubricant. Silicon carbide grit is commonly used and water is the universal lubricant. The barrel is then placed on slowly rotating rails and the stones are gradually smoothed and polished. These smoothed and polished stones are called tumbled stones.


Slate Floor Tiles

The selection of slates we offer are quarried in the heart of China . They are all back side calibrated to give a tolerance of +- 1mm on thickness and +- 0.3mm on sizes . This is a very important consideration when specifying natural slate . Tiles that are un-calibrated can add up to 40% extra on your installation and materials cost . On large areas this add up to a significant amount .


Maintenance Way of Quartz

Everything has its weaknesses, although quartz owns the comprehensive advantages of other materials, quartz will also be damaged in the process of destructive use. When use, you should pay attention to the following:


kitchen countertop

When you combine beauty and strength, add affordability and durability, you come up with the common sense choice of so many for today’s homeowners; the addition ofs as center stage for their kitchen makeover. Granite is one of the hardest surfaces on the planet. Yet, it is unique and easy to clean. It is also dirt and dust resistant. Virtually scratch-free with normal use, it is waterproof as well.



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