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Newstar on Times Square in New York






         Newstar on Times Square in New York

     On 11.01.2012, Newstar and other 34 small business board on
     the Times Square.

    The theme of the short is "Think Big, Think Small Business", through
    the business owners self-image show and the series of data convey
    to the world the value created by the small businesses. In the
    promotional, there are total 35 small business representatives from
    clothing, machinery, luggage, toys, building materials, and other eight
    popular export industry, they are comes from China, the United States,
   Turkey, India, Thailand and so on.

They spread more than 1890 kind of culture form;               
To help thousands of factories to increase efficiency;Let 500
million department vehicle safe; Every minute 36000 pieces
of clothing are producted, Monthly provide warm home for 1
million families, Every year 20000 new technology are
researched and developed... They are not superman, they         Video on Youtube:
are small businesses
And we Newstar are honor to be one of
As what we always doing, we are not only selling what      
we have, we are trying our best to help you with what you
Whenever you are thinking about buying anything, thinking about Newstar.



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