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Cutting Marble Tile

Cutting marble tiles  include not merely an amazing offer of natural beauty for the home, additionally include tremendous value. However, primarily because marble is so hard, it is not feasible to minimize marble tiles using a comparable hand methods which you take advantage of for ceramic tiles. The only method to consistently minimize marble tiles effectively will be to take advantage of a wet saw.Do it yourself using the right utilization of the wet saw and validate how the saw is operating properly. This consists of developing particular how the consuming water sprayer is spraying consuming water for the blade at any time the saw is running.Measure and mark especially where you need to cut back your tile. tiny strips of masking tape could possibly be accustomed to mark the collection of the cut.Use your tile snipers to grab and snip away tiny pieces of tile the fact that blade cannot effortlessly cut. You will should exert pretty a little bit of stress for the tile snipers to break pieces away of the marble tile, however it could possibly be done. Break away tiny pieces only. Start jointly with your 80-grit cardstock and sand until you possess a smooth edge, somewhat beveled. Then use your 120-grit cardstock to smooth the borders even more and carry out jointly with your 400-grit paper. if you are finished your minimize borders must take place to be practically identical using the non-cut edges.


How to Clean Granite Sinks


Granite is a popular natural stone used to build countertops and sinks. It comes in a dizzying array of designer colors and adds textural interest to your kitchen or bathroom. Granite is durable, and pretty stain-resistant---but that doesn't mean your granite sink doesn't need cleaning. Using special products and simple techniques, you can care for your granite sink and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.


Enjoy BBQ, Enjoy Weekend

August is a hot but a beautiful month for outdoor activity. On August 23th, Newstar team went to Jinjiang Yakou to enjoy their after work time together. Yakou is one famous seashore leisure resort, where you could forget all your tied and enjoy the wind and waves very well.


How to Avoid the Yellow Rust Problem of Stone

Although stone hanging is only a small part in the processing of stone curtain wall, it plays a quite important role, it can also be said that it is one of the most critical parts in the quality and safety problems of the stone material curtain wall accessories. But in the processing of wet strengthening method and dry installation method, the iron parts rust and spread to form rust yellow stone material surface. Factors causing rust is yellow, because stone material itself contains of ore minerals unstable or outside rust due to water infiltration to cause rust yellow stone material surface. Therefore, cutting the moisture content of stone can avoid the happening of yellow rust, there are four prevention measures as follows:


Different Purposes for Outdoor Stones

Outdoor stones can be used for different types of outdoor projects and landscaping projects. These projects include walkways, pathways, driveways, patios, decoration, borders, waterfalls and creek beds.


How to Polish Marble to a High Shine

Builders use marble in many parts of some homes from the floors to the bathroom sinks. Marble is a common material for tabletops as well. Over time, marble begins to look dull, but rubbing the natural stone with mild abrasives helps to restore the original shine of your marble.


How to Lay Slate Walkways?


Cleaning black granite


Granite can be an unbelievably challenging substance that is sometimes employed to create kitchen areas. Granite arrives in an extremely amount of shades and designs and fits using the decor plan of any; this substance also can be very costly. It is very vital that you take advantage of the right washing methods to shield your cost and ensure that black marinace granite  last for just about any amount of many years to come.Mix one cup of whitened vinegar with one cup of room-temperature consuming water in a really spray bottle. You can enhance the quantity of cleanup option developed by doubling or tripling the recipe; you can store unused option for lasting cleanings. Spray the cleanup option generously onto thes.Mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide with one cup of room-temperature consuming water within of a spray bottle. You can use regular twelve hydrogen peroxide, which could be found in most grocery store and medicine stores.Spray the hydrogen peroxide alternative straight onto the stained area


Bathrooms with Carrera Marble Tile



Newstar Promotion August, 2014

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