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The four characteristics of travertine

Travertine characteristics, travertine is a type of limestone, is the limestone dissolved in water and then formed. The travertine is lighter than the limestone. The following are the same as the "


Home improvement election stone, not the same decoration grade

In the high-end home decoration, natural stone is widely used in indoor design. And even those who seem to have no stone with the furniture, such as coffee table, tables, chairs and so have been conquered by the stone, so that home has a return to the taste of nature.


The difference between quartz stone and stone

Now the market has quartz stone, stone enterprises. The layman knew nothing about the difference between them, and knew that they were all man-made.


Talking about slate and its decorative effect

Natural stone slate at home and abroad is widely used, and slate with its unique surface and physical properties are more used to decorate the external walls, very artistic effect. Green, natural lines, do not fade, sound and moisture, no radioactive, hard quality, with good resistance to wear, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, elegant and elegant decorative effect. Widely used in various types of villas, hotel clubs, retro buildings, entertainment venues, residential quarters group buildings, clubs, resorts, playgrounds and other buildings inside and outside the wall decoration; allows modern people to enjoy the simple elegance, return to nature.


Comparison of stone, wood, stainless steel skirting

Compared to the higher cost, high degree of concern in the floor, the skirting due to inconspicuous, usually not be taken seriously. At present the commonly used skirting material is stone, wood, stainless steel material.


French architecture - noble and romantic works of art

For centuries, no matter how the style of change, French architecture of the classic vocabulary, but always no boundaries in the noble building heritage, the French architecture is mainly the European Renaissance architecture is the history of European architecture after the Gothic architecture after the emergence of a Architectural style. The 15th century was born in Italy, after the spread to France and other parts of Europe, with their own characteristics of the Renaissance building.


Mosaic four advantages make him everywhere

Mosaic, the first is a mosaic art, to small stones, shells, tiles, glass and other colored applications used in the wall or floor drawing on the pattern to show an art. Now home office has a lot of use to. So what are the advantages of mosaic so popular?


Talk about stone mosaic type

Mosaic, intended to be stitching in a meticulous decoration made. Early people living in the cave, in order to make the floor more durable, with a variety of marble paved the ground, the earliest mosaic is derived on this basis developed. Mosaic is the first kind of mosaic art, with small stones, shells, tiles, glass and other colored applications used in the wall or floor drawing on the pattern to show an art.


Talk about cultured stone and Its Important Characteristics

Cultured stone of the two characteristics: "size of less than 400x400mm, surface roughness" is the most important of the two characteristics.


How to purchase a beautiful and practical granite countertops

Granite with its wear-resistant, anti-oil properties are more and more families loved. Granite countertops have become the kitchen of choice for natural stone countertops. Granite countertops are costly to maintain and require only occasional scrubbing. Its smooth surface prevents food and liquid from penetrating, so regular cleaning is as easy as dry cleaning.



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