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Perception of Travertine

Travertine is a form of limestone with unique porous veins that give the milled tile their beauty. The stone is found in a wide variety of natural colors, and four different finishes may be applied to individuals. Travertine has long been used in many of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Today, in addition to being an excellent flooring material,s may also be used as pavers,s, stair treads, columns, sinks, and even bathtubs.


Cleaning Tips for Granite Countertop

Granite is a super tough stone that is formed from volcanic magma. Granite has earned a reputation as a great building. It ranges in color, but is known for how beautiful it is, especially fors. Here we provide you two maintenance tips for you as reference:


Artificial Stone

Nowadays, the most 2 decreasing decorative materials are stone material and ceramic on the market, both of which occupies a very important market share. There was some data indicated that the market share ratio ceramic and is 4:1, the ceramic accounts for the absolute advantage. However, the ceramic decorative materials market is shrinking year by year, and the status of the stone increases year by year, in which culture stone grew at 50% a year.


Study and Happy March in Newstar

March is the first month after CNY holiday, there is a saying in China “A year’s plan starts with spring.” Well begun, half done. Newstar set March as the knowledge enhancement month, hope to improve ourselves more quickly in this month and have good improvein the New Year.


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Quartz Countertop

Hardness and wear resistance of quartz countertop is superior to the ambry of man-made stone , which is better in heat resistance, but it is absolutely not so serious. Whether it is man-made or quartz, you can’t put the hot pot directly on the table, the heat bilges cold shrink can cause the local changes in molecular structure. Both quartz and artificial stone, if you don't use the pot mat, and directly put the high temperature object on the countertop for a long-term, surface contact with high temperature object will have difference with other mesa bright part.



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