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Coming Back to Office

It’s really thanks for all your support and understanding during our Spring Festival. And we have been back to office on 2015.02.26. Any requirements, welcome to contact with us in any way immediately.


Comparison of Granite & Quartzite

As you probably know the basic difference is that granite is natural stone taken right out of the earth, polished, and cut intos. Quartzs are made of real also, but in combination with manmades, so you get the hardness and beauty of real stone, with the consistency and durability of manmade products (kind of the best of both worlds).


Travertine Tumbled Introduction

The classic style of tumbled travertine makes it the favorite choice for those wishing to create the old world style in their design project. Travertine is formed through the accumulation of calcite from hot springs. It contains holes that were formed from sulphur bubbles eating away at the stone . Our collections featured a beautiful filled and honed finish-Mexican Noce and Desert Cream.


Stone Industry

By the influence of global economic, all most international trade get the impact. If you are engaged in the stone industry, just don’t miss out the following predict of future development direction of stone industry.


Italian white marble

Since the days of the Roman Forum, white marblefrom Italy has conveyed an air of timeless elegance. There are many differents from Italy, but the white marbles from the Carrara region in Tuscany are the most famous. Here we would like to introduce two types of Italian White Marblewith you.


Granite Edge

Granite edges fors are available in many shapes.  The detail of the shape of granite countertop edges will affect cost, function, and cleanability.



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