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Newstar First Feast in 2014

On 8th,February,2014, all our Newstar staff back to work from china spring festival holiday.

For good wishes to new year ,we are gathering and have dinner together.

Our dinner is hot pot that is china traditional delicious food. We would prefer to eat it together in spring festival.


blue pearl granite

The blue pearl granite tile is darkness and the color blue and the silver spot medium blue color or the black granite from Norway's Larvik area. It also calls Larvikite. The color tree shade widely changes according to the choice stone's quality. When lights suitably, the blue color pearl should sparkle enhances it to install the room the appearance. The blue color pearl uses in the family for the work floor, the wall and the ground mat, the water trough and the vanity.The granite is strong, and resists grasps the mark and comes in the color and the tree shade scope suits all color scheme in yours family. The granite is also the easy care is, needs only occasionally to wipe down and together the moist cotton material. If you have a blue color pearl granite work floor, you have darkness blue color are fierce and the bold gray work floor. However, if you will like a more joyful matter having a point, you can always draw your work floor light color.Although blue pearl granite tile  indicated that one kind of blue color, the granite compared to faithful in fact is in color more silvers or the metal blue color. Excessively many amounts in stone mica, with quartz together, for stone pearl oyster gloss, when polishes, taking advantage to its name. The stone superficial color includes the white, the gray, the blue color gray and the black patch. But not has the color vein to like some stones, the blue color pearl granite has a color tight flecked style. 


Install a Sink for Granite Countertops

Installing a sink in a pre-existing granite countertop is not as complex as it may seem. Granite is a durable surface, especially if it is also sealed during the manufacturing process. Several issues need to be kept in mind when dealing with granite countertops, however. This heavy stone is more difficult to cut for the non-pro than composite materials, other man-made surfaces and even concrete. If the granite in your countertop is dark, avoid light-colored adhesives and sealants whenever possible. If they must be used, be vigilant that residues are wiped away as soon as possible to avoid staining the stone.


Repair sandstone tiles

As soon as we have tried to install the sandstones that we can pursue to repair sandstones to the most professionals.Repair sandstone tiles comes in or the tile no matter what or the plate and, it was still very heavy, must therefore process the facility and the precision. How needs the very long time academic society to install the sandstone floor suitably. The repair may be the extreme is expensive, does not need to mention the fact you to be possible when the facility is injured. If the Repair sandstone tiles slight defect, will be the possible breakage or the broken sandstone will request the specialized repairment.The sandstone is very hard, durable and lasting. If it is exposed in the moisture, you must believe firmly, you use the suitable sealant. Sandstone in its degree change porosity. uses in the kitchen , the bathroom, the entrance and the flat roof, for its durability becomes reconciled the look, but to maintain a fine condition to need repeatedly after a few years to treat with the lapse of time and is sealed.


Install artificial stone

Nowadays,people start for theirs family mural decoration stone surface to play the part of the board more and more. It is an inherent desire current is their family beautiful everybody in various aspects. Correctly Install artificial stone from construction, the people start to consider that now will increase beautiful and the style to theirs wall interior and the exterior method. Early, has to the natural stone extensie use creation to a house distinct request, but the people develop gradually like the stone surface playing the part of the board or the manufacture stone, when they proposed that decorates the house wall, preserves stone natural look one easy and the economic means. May attribute to the fact artificial stone after this switch's reason is not expensive, and is may the use in various designs. And Install artificial stone too has the tendency use stone surface to play the part of the board or artificial stone other advantage.Installs the initiating agent strip in the structure lowest spot. the structure's solid substrate compared to 7/16” must thick but not few.



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