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Slate Roofing tile



Price of granite countertops


The average price of granite countertops will depend on size obviously, a big countertop will cost more than a smaller one at the same time, the greater the countertop, more likely, a few pieces of, will need to create; The number of period will usually affect the cost. Traditionally, granite spend $20 down to 150 dollars per square feet, thickness according to another factor, but there will be some impact is the shape of the cost advantage. Most consumers choose a simple circle side but few available at the same time, some more meaningful and popular color and texture may require a slightly higher price tag of the general price may or may not include installation. The above price reflects the countertop installation costs by a granite board, or a single piece, granite cheap, much lower than the approach is the use of a few small piece of granite countertop can make the person put together. Granite can moral $4 per square feet 3/8-inch ceramic tile the method is less, because there are many fragments means that there will be a lot of conflict a seamless prospects countertop is one of the reasons granite is so popular.


Repair Marble Tiles

Marble tiles can often be found in homes where style and design are important factors to the homeowners. It's also possible to inherit marble tiles previously installed in a home you purchase. Either way, you may at some point need to learn to repair marble tiles that have scratches, dents or other damage. With the right repair strategies, you can salvage your marble tile and keep it looking like new.


Clear a Marble Slab

Marble slabs are used in many areas of the home, from tables to countertop and kitchen worktops. Since food and other elements typically are in contact with the marble on a regular basis, you must clean the marble slab regularly. You should use a mild cleaner that keeps the marble intact and undamaged while also being strong enough to kill bacteria.


Select Granite Slab

Adding granite countertops to your kitchen can increase the value of your home and update your kitchen instantly. However, this stylish countertop option can present difficult choices. Because granite countertops are expensive, it is important to be sure you will be completely satisfied with the slab that is installed. By going to a granite warehouse, you can have the opportunity to select your own granite slab. As you do this, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Install Slate Tile Floor


Installing slate tile on a floor is similar to the installation of ceramic tile. This means that the tile will require a solid surface or sub-floor for installation. The flooring can be prepared by using plywood underlays that have been secured, with screws, to the sub-floor before laying the tiles. You can install a slate tile floor by first determining the type and size of tile that you want to use on the floor.


Pebble Garden

A pebble and stone garden wall is an attractive addition to any landscape design, whether it borders a yard, accents a vegetable or flower patch, or provides support as a retaining wall. Pebble and stone may be more expensive to purchase than brick or concrete, but their natural beauty and durability can pay off in added value to your property. Pebble and stone walls are also simple to install, requiring properly planned construction but no concrete or mortar


Why is slate calibrated ?

You will note when browsing our website that all of our slates are calibrated to the rear of the tile . This means that there is a natural riven face with a flat back.



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