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Artificial stone no color difference

Artificial composite stone is processed by natural stone, after crushing under high temperature and high pressure polymerization made of artificial stone is generally more than 90% of the stone content, is an environmentally friendly material. According to businessmen, the Beijing market is mainly synthetic stone on imported products and joint ventures, the price is generally 300-500 yuan / square meter


Artificial stone common sense

Artificial stone, as the name implies, is not one hundred percent natural stone raw materials from the processing of stone. According to their production methods can be divided into two kinds: First, the raw material ground into stone powder, and then add chemicals, adhesives, etc., made of high-pressure plate, and the appearance of artificial color and imitation of artificial stone lines, improve Multiple changes and selectivity. Another is called artificial stone, is the original stone broken, joined the gum and stone vacuum mixing, and the use of high-pressure vibration to make it into a block of rock, and then cut into a building stone; Retains the natural texture, but also through prior selection of uniform color, adding the favorite color, or embedded in glass, acrylic, etc., to enrich the diversity of its color.


Natural stone decoration home whether there is pollution?

Decorated with natural stone floor room, walls, is there any pollution?


The Types and Styles of culture stone

On the market culture stone generally has two kinds: one is natural, one is artificial. Natural stone from the material on the main points there are two categories: a class of sedimentary sandstone, a class of hard slate. Artificial culture stone is also the essence of natural cultural stone for the female parent to inorganic materials from casting, imitating the natural cultural stone of each subtle trace is very realistic and natural.



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