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Slate Counter Maintenance

Although not like most of the granite and marble, SLATE is the most ideal choice is your kitchen mesa, if you like a natural elegant appearance.It is one of the strongest material, you can choose a Slate Counter Maintenance, have lower the absorption rate than granite, so it was easy to clean SLATE surface, however, has a fairly soft, this means that Nick New York and other damage is not rare.Correct maintenance can help protect your countertop appearance, make sure it DuoNian continued.Slate counter is usually surface dirt, and resistance to water as a result, you don't have to seal your counter to protect it however, if you choose to install black or gray SLATE as your countertop sealant is necessary.These colors are more porous than the SLATE red blue and purple, can absorb liquid and other material more easy to these types of rock mesa seal surface besmirch from each year to protect and help ensure that it last for many year.These color more porous than the SLATE red blue and purple, can absorb liquid and other material more easy to these types of rock seal surface besmirch from each year to protect and help ensure that it last for many years.

How to install slate tiles

Slate is a long ideal material in the basement floor or patio concrete deck according to indoor or outdoor installation are some technical differences, but overall, SLATE is not complicated to install.How to install slate tiles? Clean of the concrete floor and the crack, not the check is adjustable seam if the concrete surface is not balanced or serious damage, you should hire a professional contractors, especially for outdoor floor.If the floor is in good condition, you can make this a DIY project and the following steps.If your outdoor concrete expansive section should not fill in color these need to open when the project is done once the cracks are filled with, to determine if the floor is even enough so that you can lay a more mortar base, or if you should do that.Cement backer board is a rigid material, you can be installed in the floor surface is uneven, mortars and rock ceramic tile can put level it is not necessary to of the concrete floor in good condition, not suitable for outdoor use.Find the center of the room, and concludes that the vertical chalk line the walls, so they cross in the center, lie in the dry, 1/2 inch interval, starting from the center, with chalk line to guide the right angle.

Natural stone sticks mosaic tile other style

Now, after modern craft's changing, the color, the quality of natural stone sticks mosaic tile  material, the specification presents the multiplication the trend of development, moreover the quality is even more fine. Mosaic all sorts of changes, have met the designer and lives at the DIY amateur the extraordinary creativity need enormously, is getting rid gradually only serves the kitchen, Wei Yujian the decoration fetter, but reaches row of the room decoration, the incarnation becomes the bank of television monitors, to decorate the column and the staircase sharp coat. The mosaic has become the nowadays fashion finishing material new favorite.Along with the price rising, China natural stone material and natural stone sticks mosaic tile faces the product steep competition which makes with India. the supplier interviewed this report saying that they had already lost some European and US's customer. Even if so, the manufacturer hoped that a oneself more systematic management and the production pattern will encourage the customer the loyalty.Natural stone sticks mosaic tile has the compositionality and may fluctuate each kind of different design, produces the different decoration results, glows the evil spirit imaginary charm. 

China's most expensive villa: All stone cost of one billion

This building single-family homes called "The Bund impression" covers about 33 acres (22,000 m2), construction area of ??about 5,000 square meters, floor area of ??2132 square meters, building space of about 30,000 cubic meters, 18.8 meters high. 2 floors of the building, basement level.


beautiful artificial stone

Artificial stone

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Limestone for building

Limestone is considered as the bone of a building.Limestone for building is the best.It is relatively long until people produce air pollution caused by acid rain so limestone alkali reacts with the acid and dissolved away Roman and Greek people do a lot of limestone buildings and statues of limestone about 2000 years.The problems are and quarrying any look ugly quarry this is a huge hole, there may be happily application if there is a chance obviously everyone would like the fields, but we also want to limestone.The site for a quarry doesn't provide much habitat for the majority of the animals and plants, and the original landscape many mines into lakes once they have exhausted, and can make water habitats of plants and animals.It is cheap and abundant, the country's most areasa within 100 miles of a source, its not too difficult to transport to get it from the earth is not difficult nothing special, rare or dangerous chemicals are need amke into available.Many buildings are in fact limestone.Limestone calls chemical sedimentary limestone belongs to the sediment they are formed the Marine environment from the precipitation of calcium carbonate calcium has brought into the sea through the hydrological cycle....

French Pattern Travertine

French Pattern Travertine tile also call Versailles pattern travertine tile, is one of the nice flooring, wall, kitchen, bathroom and paving Chinese natural stone sets that we produce it in many different thicknesses and finishing with best price and good quality. ...



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