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« Reasonable with the stone color, enhance the overall decorative effectDifferent characteristics style of various cultural stone »

A Brief Talk on Cultural Stone Decoration

Cultural stone is not as gorgeous as marble, not so bright as granite, but the culture of stone with a rough texture, rich colors, natural form. With this stone wall decoration, paved the ground, making the wall view, etc., can reveal a cultural flavor and natural flavor. Even if it is to create a small mountain scenery, or paved one side of the country where the cultural stone are very appropriate. Cultural stone cheap, diverse specifications, inlay easy to operate, can reflect the personality of the decoration, so it is increasingly welcomed by the people.

Now on the market distribution of cultural stone from the material on roughly divided into two categories: a class of sedimentary sandstone, a class of hard slate. In the interior decoration, the use of cultural stone, not too much abuse, so often counterproductive, smaller rooms, decorating the wall, you can use some small size, light color, flat as well, so not only from Visually widening the room, but also to create a natural atmosphere.

Cultural stone decorated in the living room to consider the area of ​​the hall, light and other factors. The general experience is: a large area of ​​the Office, you can use the specifications of the larger slate, you can also use irregular mosaic inlay. As for the whole wall paving, or local decorating, according to the wishes of choice. As in the past, people's home TV wall and other walls, and now people often choose the TV wall and the living room is not the same as the other walls, the TV wall for a separate design and decoration.

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