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Use Travertine on Countertops

Travertine is a very distinct form of stone tile cut from mineral-formed that has naturally occurring craters, pockmarks, and holes in the surface. Some travertine applications are installed with the holes left open, for a natural look. But if you're using it for a countertop , food, grease, and other things can collect in the holes. For travertine, grout over the holes, in a contrasting shade of grout that highlights their shapes while providing a flat work surface.


Advantages of granite countertop

The beautiful of granite countertop
Few other materials neither natural or man made can surpass the beauty of polished. The choices for color are limitless. It is no doubt that one can find a color and pattern that he loves. He can match to any kind kitchen design or color palette. His tastes will not have to be compromised.


Maintenance Way of Quartz

Everything has its weaknesses, although quartz owns the comprehensive advantages of other materials, quartz will also be damaged in the process of destructive use. When use, you should pay attention to the following:


Red Multicolor Granite Slab

Red Multicolor granite is a mixture of various colors like red, pink, black where red is dominating among others. This slab gives a gorgeous look to the establishments. Due to its red color it can be used with others as well and at the same time it can be customized in different shapes as well.


Newstar White Marble Stone

Marble is a metamorphic limestone and dolomite knot made, the color of white, gray and lines primarily, if any iron, manganese impurities, is pink, marble impurities if unevenly distributed, then the formation of a variety pattern of nuclear colors, easy to cut or engraved marble molding, can be made thin, the polished surface, will show bright mirror, although the price is expensive, but it is quite textured wall material. Marble is metamorphic rock. Marble has a rich color and pattern, creating a smooth, soft feel, is mainly used for interior walls, countertops, various sculptures and craft products.


Install a Stone Hearth and Fireplace Surround Part 1

When installing a new fireplace or renovating your existing one, a stone hearth and wood surround will lend a rugged, casual beauty to your room. The following directions for Part 1 outline the installation of the hearth, including all requireds and materials.

Full Automatic Trim Processing

This type of stone processing machines may be in the line of computer assisted setup process, automatic production of various shapes moldings. Compared with the traditional manual or semi-mechanical

Travertine Tiles

Travertine tile flooring is created from a natural stone that is part of the marble family. When minerals dissolve in ground water and are later deposited on the surface (through rivers or springs) travertine is formed. This type of stone has been used for centuries in the homes ,the rich and royal. Even the Roman Coliseum was built from travertine.



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