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Newstar Garden

Newstar insist that we need to live a happy life so that we can do better in our job. As we all know, good environment will inspire us to work harder and happier. Decorated with some fresh plants and new equipment, Newstar garden coming to a better place for us to take a rest.


Newstar in the Coverings

  Now Newstar Stone are attending the Coverings at Las Vegas, USA. Welcome to visti us for face to face chat. Our

Newstar Coverings



Newstar will attend to 2014 Coverings in Las Vegas from April 29 to May 2nd  

Onyx Countertops

Onyx is a natural stone formed from dissolved limestone that redeposits. When used in the kitchen, it makes an attractive countertop. Before using your onyx countertop, it is important to seal it. After that, you should reapply the sealant every one to three years. Because onyx is a soft stone, it can become easily scratched or appear dull. Sealing the onyx also helps prevent acids from tomatoes and other food or from cleaners from etching it. Clean the surface of the onyx with a mixture of warm water and a special onyx cleaner.


Marble Countertop and Vanity Top

Whether you are in the care of your kitchen, laundry room or other room in your home any existing table, whether you are a first time installation of countertops, marble is the most durable and most beautiful materials can be used for surface mounting. Marble tile countertop will help your home into your own private art films.Lay several marble tiles in a row. Measuring the length of the tile distance, and then check your table's length and width. Our idea is to start all tiles on the outer edges and corners leaving any cuts. By checking this measurement, you can see what kind of cutting the size.Even spread a thin layer on the surface of the table, use your trowel notch. Only three or four blocks spread enough, until you feel confident to spread a larger area.Applications across the entire back surface of the marble tiles of a thin layer of thin, flat with the side of your trowel.Placed in its desired location on the surface of the marble tile countertop. Application of gentle but firm pressure, you are pressed into a thin set of tiles in each direction, a little before moving to their final location, to ensure that the adhesive bond.


Quartz Tops

Quartz countertops have develop to be an progressively well-liked choice.The substance is organic and natural and durable and arrives in an array of colors. As opposed to granite, which may possibly be considered a combine of quartz and softer materials, a entire quartz countertop is practically 100 % pure quartz, with merely a tad of resin and coloring mixed in. people looking for to take advantage of quartz can choose from several products intended for kitchen area.The materials has the glance and really feel of granite, but is produced getting a increased percentage of quartz, producing it very much more durable and stain-resistant; it needs tiny or no maintenance. Quartz can be an very difficult stone, which signifies that it will not absorb liquids and foodstuff stains like granite can. A selected for kitchen area counters, the composition of Zodiaq produces it durable and stain resistant. Additionally, it provides a great offer more heat and stain resistance than granite. The Zodiaq materials is roughly 95 % quartz crystals, the relaxation getting products to create color, tone and texture. The merchandise arrives in about 30 exclusive colours and variations which enables it to even be customized ordered. 


New Product

          New Product Natural stone pattern laminated with ceramic. Intensive patter

Application of Granite Slab

Natural stone is famous as the feature of durability and its beautiful color, so it is widely used in the residential and commercial ornament. Granite is one of the most popular one. And granite slabs is a kind of its thinner one, which can be but to a whole lot of uses. Actually, interior designers are now recommending granite slabs to areas apart from the kitchen.


Cut Granite Slab

As everyone known that granite is one of several different types of stone commonly used in home design, and can be seen in anything from bathroom tile to countertops, as well as it is one of the hardest natural stone material. Thus, we usually think that it is difficult to cut. Actually, granite can be cut with an ordinary wood-cutting saw. Here we will provide you easy steps for you to cut the granite slab.



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