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Travertine characteristic

  Travertine belongs to continental sedimentary rocks, it is a calcium carbonate sediments. Travertine mostly formed in limestone terrain rich in calcium carbonate, calcium dissolved in water

stone surface introduction

  First, with the rapid development of stone technology, the effect of treatment on the surface of the stone has become increasingly diverse, the current effect of the inner surface of the st

Newstar Charming Smile

Newstar is a company specialize in stone products. We have always been in supplying high quality stone products.

And also keeping on supplying best service. Smile service.

There is saying: Frown and you frown alone, but smile and the whole world smiles with you.

Natural Countertops


Natural Countertops 


 When it comes tos, tile has been replaced by natural stone , solid surfaces and environmentally friendly alternatives.


Granite Garden Stepping Stone


Granite Garden Stepping Stone


Granite is a beautiful, hardwearing stone .  At home in both traditional and modern settings, the characteristics of granite are synonymous with durability and beauty. Thus, granite steppings could help create an elegant and refined finish to any project.  The perfect accessory for any garden, these stepping stones can be used in existing pathways or to create a unique path going through the grass.


Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite slab

  Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite board Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite board is a new kind of building materials, has a better impact resistance than ordinary natural stone is on

how to select the stone

  What are the classification and how to select the stone   Decorate in household in some also would use the stone, stone material is natural stone good use cash or artificial stone?

Difference country testing standard


Difference country Testing Standard 

Testing Standard


Stone Kitchen Sink


 Stone Kitchen Sink


A Kid Friendly Kitchen Countertop

Many families choose kid-friendlys for the kitchen and bathroom, counters that stand up to the wear and tear children dish out. What are the top three kid friendlys currently ava



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