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Three Purchase points on natural yellow stone marble and granite(First one)

Recently, the yellow natural stone is so popular is because yellow transparent, warm color, usually on behalf of the noble, luxurious and bright. For people today who; have solved the problem of food and clothing, people want as soon as possible into the well-off life, but to enjoy the elegance, luxury living and respect for human nature, in pursuit of light and good wishes of freedom of expression revealed here, so common in recent years people renovated considered good natural stone with yellow. So how to choose the current stone market it?


Ten reasons to choose kitchen countertops granite

No two exactly the same granite in the world, so you can create a unique luxury kitchen. Here one thing we can be sure that, just take good care of, granite kitchen countertops and beautiful appearance will not follow the passage of time and fading. Why is it so popular it?


Recognition of natural stone

With natural stone patterns and beautiful colors for interior designers to provide a broad creative element in the home decoration more and more people want to use some of the local natural stone. Compared to other building materials, from the selection of stone, pavement maintenance to the late, very particular about, if not heeded, the stone will not show their beauty.


What types of artificial marble

Artificial marble light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, pollution, construction convenient, rich patterns, is an ideal decorative material. Artificial marble general there are four main categories.


What is India Black Galaxy granite

In this immense stone Milky Way, there are 15 years later still a shining bright light of Venus, which is India's "Black Galaxy" granite. There are other granite reputation that produced in India, such as "Silver Star", "Galaxy granite", "Black Galaxy" and so on. Over the years, people have been dumped her unique charm. So far, the total sales of up to one million cubic meters.


Culture of Quanzhou city

Quanzhou is one of 18 typical regions, and it was named "International Garden City", "National Garden City", and it also award for best practices by the United Nations of Dubai International as the best improvement for the living environment.


What are the characteristics of black granite

India in the late 1860s began to export high-grade black granite, to the late 1970s, some monumental building, the Indian black granite has been widely used, but also a sharp increase in exports of large plate. Best quality, reasonable price of black granite produced in southern India. However, some of these granite very delicate, such as Khammam black, used in some projects to take prudent precautions, even kitchen countertops will be scratched or worn.


Mosaic four advantages to let him everywhere

Mosaic four advantages to let him everywhere. Mosaic, the first is a mosaic art, with pebbles, shells, ceramic tile, glass and other colored patch application on the wall or floor surface to draw a pattern to the performance of an art. Now home office has a lot to use. So what are the advantages mosaic so popular it


How to maintain bathroom stone

Seemingly extremely hard stone, in fact, very delicate, we need to use the pavement and intensive care. Bathroom with a bath due to a specific function, more water vapor, the laying of the stone if improper maintenance, easily contaminated. Common contamination by mold, dirt and bacteria caused. Stone surface often becomes dull and generate a similar circle cloudy white stains.


How to Clean Granite Monuments

How to Clean Granite Monuments


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