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Different colors of marble decoration

1, white lines

White stone in the decorative design of the application of more and more widely, has gradually become the darling of high-end design. The first to bring you a taste of different designers on the use of white stone exquisite.


Home decoration how to choose the right stone?


Natural marble mansion choice

Today, said the five advantages of natural marble, after reading, you do not choose the marble backdrop of reason?


Stone has been very beautiful

1, the natural properties of texture advantage

First of all, the natural properties of stone on the one hand it makes it with the natural simplicity, and exaggerated patterns, designers can freely ideas divergent thinking, showing creative ideas and intentions, which is very suitable for wall decoration.


The seven characteristics of green environmental protection

Because the granite composition contains more than 90% natural marble, it retains the noble and elegant characteristics of the natural stone. It is more colorful, uniform in color, precise in size, high in smoothness, resistant to abrasion, good in ventilation and environmental protection. Renovation and other characteristics, is an international popular green decorative materials. Has the following characteristics:


Maintenance and methods of stone countertops

Stone is more and more widely used, and now people in the home improvement in the use of stone more and more, including not only from the original kitchen countertops, handbasins, to the present bay windows, table tops, tables and bar countertops, everywhere stone Embellishment applications. However, stone in the durable but also need to protect, stone as our skin, maintenance is very important. Xiaobian today to say that those stone countertops maintenance techniques and methods.


The difference of Marble and granite use and hardness

In the decoration, we always say "marble" and "granite" what, but we really on the marble, granite and know how much it can know the difference between marble and granite What if you do budget, know which marble and granite Expensive? Then hurry to find out what the price of marble and granite it.


Stone mosaic paving with stress


Stone mosaic of diversification and quality performance, and gradually revealed in the home decoration, whether it is a simple color patchwork or color puzzle, has a different flavor, generous and personality at the same time. But how to paste mosaic, I believe there are still many people do not know, the following together to learn.


Introduction of white series granite stone

First, Sesame White

Sesame white, also known as white hemp, is a natural granite, hard texture, delicate snow. Mainly used for decorative high-grade interior wall of the ground, the external walls of the hanging wall surface decoration works, shaped, parquet, sculpture, windowsill, table and stepping stone door and so on.


What kind of stone suitable for your home?

Stone, with its solid texture, brilliant colors, simple and elegant or Furama expensive decorative style by the people. In the interior decoration for the ground, walls or partial decoration, the natural style into the room, creating a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.



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