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Stone basin


With the improvement of living standards, for domestic use in basin has not satisfied its practical function, the pursuit of the decorative function of the wash basin. This makes the stone wash basin, stone art wash basin, began to be favorable for people into the homes of ordinary people at home.


How to Install Granite Bathroom Counters

Granite is a popular choice for countertops due to its beauty and durability. If you are sick of looking at your bathroom counters and want something different, a granite countertop is the way to go. Having a professional install your granite countertop can be very costly, however. Here I will outline the steps you need to take to make the jump to a granite countertop yourself.Obtaining the Granite


Part of Japanese tombstone

The name of the Japanese-style tombstones ministries: stones, base stations, epitaphs for the material name, the basis of cut stone, the Stone, deposited plate stone, Yu Yuan, column, hand water bowl Ueki, Sheetrock and deposited sand and tomb of lights, card affinity column, tomb of the in various types of towers, and other accessories.

Granite Technical Characteristic

                                                          Granite Technical Characteristic 


stone sink care

The key to retaining your stone sink's natural beauty and durability is simple, routine maintenance. With very little effort, your sink will provide a lifetime of use.

stone protect

Three new perspectives for the practice of stone conservation     With the development of the practice of stone conservation works, conservation technology is greatly enriched

stone radioactivity


House crowning touch: shadow carving

Shadow carving is a wonderful Huian stone carving art known as "China must". As the name suggests, because of the vivid image of it carved art, like photography, so called shadow carving, it is only about 2 cm thickness, polished to a shiny black cobblestones, such as nails that coarse and fine like the needle of a variety of models micro-drill rod, while the control side carefully crafted photo imaging matched against the combination of size, depth, thickness, density, and the actual situation of the drill point. Not only does it accurately represent the mood of the original, and highlight the stone's unique artistic style. Ancient and modern figures, scenery spots, animals, or flowers fruits and vegetables, the mountains Pingchou, carved screen is all fine nuanced, Chaochen refined.At present, Wai shadow carving products have been sold to Hong Kong and Macao, and Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States, Western Europe, Australia and other countries.Pure hand-shadow carving: carving process after the election map selection board in the carving surface contours depict by a steel chisel solder control drawing carved, the whole process not to use any power tools, real handmade. Which is characterized by the point chisel changing irregular thickness depth to play a chisel point according to the theme of carving, displaying hand-crafted charm. Handmade shadow carving is generally working slowly and deliberately, time-consuming, less high-volume processing, the boutique can be called such process carved out of stone art.

Swimming Pool Tiles

Due to the wide array of style and color choices, you can create almost any look desired with pool tiles. Located at the waterline, pool tiles are a decorative barrier on the pool wall that is partially submerged and withstands environmental elements. Repeating patterns, small square tiles, decorative borders, and customs are some of the many opportunities with pool tiles.


Building stone steps

When building stone houses, consumers hope a warm and comfortable decoration.Then we must pay attention to the renovation mix of colors, as well as quality control. Color with no color, fe



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