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Slate Roof

While slate's popularity as a roofing material peaked around 1900, you can still put in a slate roof today. The United States, Africa, Europe, Australia, China and Brazil all produce roofing-quality slate. Slate is a beautiful and natural roofing material; its composition makes it both fairly brittle and long-lasting.                                             


Talking about Onyx Marble


There's more to onyx than just the black stones you see in jewelry. Onyx marble is known for its many colors and translucent properties. Onyx marble is graded similarly to other types of marble and the grades depend on the quality of the stone.


Jura limestone


Since the antique trend, not only the daily life products, as well as the decoratives are applying this concept. While the limestone, which is famous of its beautiful antique looking in the home decoration, that we will mainly introduce one for you- Jura limestone.


How to choose a slab

You may want a granite slab as a countertop to help increase the value of your home. You can set hot pots and pans on granite without worrying about burning it the way you would with a laminate countertop. You may even worry less about bacteria with a granite slab. Plus, granite countertops are featured in many designer kitchens, so you'll be right in style. A granite slab is a lot more expensive than granite tile because it's one continuous piece. Since granite is so expensive, you want to make sure that you get it right the first time.


Xiamen International Stone Fair

The 14th China Xiamen International Stone Fair opened at the March 6th at Xiamen International Exhibition Center.Stone Exhibition current 166,000 square meters with a total area of 8600 the international standard booths, an increase over the previous 350.  Nearly 2,000 companies from 54 countries and regions worldwide visit this time fair .


Spanish Natural Stone Industry

Before deciding to enter the foreign market, it is necessary for you to realize it. Today, we would like to introduce the Spanish stone market. The foreign markets are providing the saving grace for the Spanish stone industry since the local market showed no sign of recovery.


The best way to Take care of Granite

Granite is a natural native rock, which is not able to be replicated by male. It's preferred qualities consist of scratch resistance, stain amount of resistance, heat amount of resistance, and put on ability. Granite is a amount that becomes part of your own home. Its long-lasting durability means that you will not should replace it every few years similar to synthetic products. Even so, granite still demands proper care if it's to last a lifetime.


How to clean marble floors

Marble can appear to be stained, scratched and cracked if not properly maintained. anybody in cost using the remedy of marble flooring will require to possess a keen knowing of what can and cannot be carried out to it.How to clean marble floors? Daily washing and upkeep is essential using the remedy of marble floors, however, you need to be very cautious about what sorts of washing products you utilize on marble. Really, only cozy consuming water ought getting utilized to mop a marble floor. Any type of acid no subject how weak will harm marble, so any washing product or program which has vinegar in it ought getting very carefully avoided.While cozy consuming water is by much probably the most advantageous choice when mopping a marble floor, if consuming water is not adequate to acquire the preferred level of cleanliness, a tiny amount of ammonia may possibly be additional using the consuming water to produce a really diluted solution. Likewise, neutral pH detergents may possibly be utilized very sparingly as element of the washing solution. customer washing products ought getting avoided in the celebration you need to hold remedy of your marble floors.Marble is very porous, so standard daily products can and will stain marble. For example, in the celebration you spill red-colored wine on bright marble and do not clean it up quick enough, do not be astonished once the stain is hard to remove.



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