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Causes of color tolerance of Natural Stone and its treatment

Whether in the selection of granite, marble or sandstone, there are color problems. When the same type of pavement in the same area of ​​the larger the same plane should pay attention.

Stone color occurs there are several reasons: stone blocks from the mine at the beginning of the mining layer, from a different pit or not the same level; stone processing code is not in accordance with the block number and batch processing; stone pavement Not in accordance with the supplier to provide a single code and batch number, etc. Because of the reserves and the ore body reason, color reaction problems in the details of the type of stone is not the same, and some types of stone nearly a thousand square meters or tens of thousands of square meters There will be no problem, and some types of hundreds of square meters can not be guaranteed. Stone began to choose here to take into account such a problem.

Therefore, in the choice of stone types and colors must be thinking about it, a larger area of ​​the best plans to the mine, the factory may be ready-made examples of on-site investigation. In addition, the stone supplier in the factory must be based on the batch of blocks to sort the plate number, for those types of difficult to roll out the choice. Stone arrived at the site must be in accordance with the provisions of the supplier to supply the code and code sequence device, so that even the color of stone can also be a gradual transition. On the whole, texture-like or colorful marble chromatic aberration problem is not too obvious, granite color problem is relatively common but relatively simple manipulation. The market older types of ore and sales of large types of color problems are relatively small.

Color solution: According to the stone structure and color characteristics of the different, will have the color phenomenon of rough stone is roughly classified into two categories

1, the same color of stone

The same color of the stone is the same structure and characteristics, and the same or similar color composition of a class of stone. For example: Shandong white linen flowers and flowers, flowers and flowers, smooth and rough surface, the new surface and the old surface and the upper and lower layers are the same color of stone. For such color differences between stone, it is recommended to use color enhancer stone curing agent (also known as wet color agent, preservative) for processing. Color stone curing agent for the same color stone color differences between the adjustment and the emergence of wear, discoloration, fade and other phenomena of marble, granite, sandstone, slate and other breathing micropores of dark-colored stone hyperchromic deal with. The effect of light color stone is not obvious. Because it is not easy to fade after enriched, it is recommended to do first sample test to confirm the effect and then do a large area of ​​construction.

2, different colors of stone

Different colors of stone is a completely different structure and characteristics, and the color composition is completely different or very different types of stone. For example: gold beige and new beige, Spanish beige and white beige, Shandong white linen and American gray linen are between different colors of stone. For the color difference between them, it is recommended to use coloring (staining) for processing.

At present, there are about twenty kinds of stone coloring methods at home and abroad, most of them need special equipment or site. Which for the stone conservation industry is not very realistic. The use of stone coloring agent for coloring is a simple and convenient and significant effect of a good way. However, as the stone is not easy to be removed after coloring, it is recommended that the construction by a professional technical staff, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

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