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Reasonable with the stone color, enhance the overall decorative effect

Decoration, decoration is the use of all existing human materials and means to create the best visual effects to meet the pursuit of human beauty. In the human known decoration materials, stone with its natural bright and rustic texture, become the designer of choice material.

Stone because of its natural, color brightness and purity are not high. Whether it is neutral, warm or cold, its color sense is always more natural in terms of artifacts. Because of its large area, its hue of color often determines the psychological feelings of people in their square space. So in this regard is the designer of the square in the color of the use of one of the important issues to consider, a reasonable match with a variety of stone color, can enhance the overall effect, in the decoration process can be seen through the corresponding stone pictures And then according to the situation to carry out an effective with a reasonable mix.

For a variety of different colors with the use of stone for example: the neutral color of granite as the main material, the space showed a calm and stable characteristics. If the warm color of the stone floor, the space experience is often more warm, lively, often used in the assembly space. Cold color of the stone flooring, the space feel relatively quiet, quiet, in some small space or close to the exchange of quiet space often used. If the neutral color of stone for the square floor of the main material, in general, the space feel relatively stable. With a large area of ​​warm tone granite-based, open form, the space is showing flow and lively. So at this time is to be decorated according to the environment to be effective with a variety of stone to enhance the visual effect of the entire space.

In the same space, with different colors of granite each other to form a difference or contrast, organization or mediator of the visual and psychological feelings, is also commonly used in square plaza design techniques. The following is a common number of international square granite stone color with the effect of: through the red, yellow, blue and white granite different colors shown by the natural color contrast, the formation of modern abstract characteristics of the shop, natural color, rich, Lively, resulting in the whole space has a strong modern, Tokyo, Japan, as represented by the Office of the square; with beige and Indian red for the flooring material, with the slight difference in the form of the space that is lively and unity and harmony.

How should the interior of the visual impact?

1, the use of color temperature sense can create a specific indoor atmosphere. Color wheel on the red, orange, yellow and so warm. Green, blue, purple and so cool. Warm and cool colors in the human psychological and visual effects will have different effects. Warm colors can make people excited, warm atmosphere. So warm colors for entertainment and sports architecture; cool color produces elegant, quiet atmosphere, suitable for living room, reading room, ward and so on.

2, the color of light and heavy feeling mainly affected by the brightness, the general dark feeling heavy, light color feeling light. The correct use of light and heavy sense of indoor space can be balanced and stable results. In order to maintain color stability, indoor space from top to bottom, the roof of the most shallow, deep wall, baseboard and the deepest ground.

3, the use of color sense of distance can adjust the scale of indoor space, proportion, shape. Distance perception and hue and brightness related. Brightness of the warm color for the near color, looks can make objects and people shorten the distance; low brightness of the cool color for the fade, looks can make the distance between people and objects. At the same distance, the warmer ceiling is more intimate than the cooler ceiling; likewise, the warmer walls are more intimate than the cooler ones.

4, the use of color body sense can improve the size of the effect of indoor space. The main body mass and lightness. The lower the brightness the greater the sense of contraction; the higher the brightness, the stronger the sense of expansion. Dark pillars appear thin, clear pillars appear coarse is the embodiment of this principle.

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