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Seal Slate Tile

Sealing slate floor tiles will keep them from staining and cracking. Though most installers don't seal slate tile, it's easy enough to do at home. It will keep the tile free from needing repairs or replacements for many years. It can also give slate tile a new look, depending on the type of sealant that's used.


Choosing Countertop Edges

You will make many decisions when choosing a granite countertop, including what thickness, which color and what pattern. Another option that isn't commonly considered is what type of edging? The edging on the countertop can be any one of a number of styles including rounded, beveled and squared. You can choose a style that complements your decor and appeal to your personal taste.


Tips for Installing Marble Vanity Tops

Install the faucet on the marble top by placing the faucet stems through the holes cut in the top. Use a wrench to tighten the bolts on the underside of the vanity top to hold the faucet parts in place.


Make Travertine Tiles Shine

Sweep the floor with a broom and dustpan to remove all dirt and debris.

Attach a natural hair sanding pad to a floor buffer. Plug in the electrical cord.


Seal Travertine Tile

Consider using travertine stone throughout your home, inside and out. For a formal look, polish the travertine smooth and ensure that all the pits are filled. For a more casual appearance or for exterior use, consider leaving the travertine in its natural state.


Blue Pearl Granite Tile

The blue pearl granite tile is darkness and the color blue and the silver spot medium blue color or the black granite from Norway's Larvik area. It also calls Larvikite. The color tree shade widely changes according to the choice stone's quality. When lights suitably, the blue color pearl should sparkle enhances it to install the room the appearance. The blue color pearl uses in the family for the work floor, the wall and the ground mat, the water trough and the vanity.The granite is strong, and resists grasps the mark and comes in the color and the tree shade scope suits all color scheme in yours family. The granite is also the easy care is, needs only occasionally to wipe down and together the moist cotton material. If you have a blue color pearl granite work floor, you have darkness blue color are fierce and the bold gray work floor. However, if you will like a more joyful matter having a point, you can always draw your work floor light color.Although blue pearl granite tile  indicated that one kind of blue color, the granite compared to faithful in fact is in color more silvers or the metal blue color. Excessively many amounts in stone mica, with quartz together, for stone pearl oyster gloss, when polishes, taking advantage to its name. The stone superficial color includes the white, the gray, the blue color gray and the black patch. But not has the color vein to like some stones, the blue color pearl granite has a color tight flecked style.  


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Keep Marble Floors Shiny

Marble is not only one of the most durable kinds of flooring materials, it is also one of the stateliest. To preserve the glory of a marble floor, it is essential to keep it shiny. A high level of foot traffic can eventually wear away the luster and cause the floor to become dull. Here are a few basic ways you can keep your marble floors looking shiny and new.


How to Install Stone Exterior Wall

Prepare the Walls


Assemble scaffolding around the wall you have chosen to cover in stone veneer. If you are not using scaffolding, set up your ladder. Be sure the ground is solid and level and can support your weight without sinking or shifting.



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