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Characteristics of granite


Characteristics of granite
  Granite is beautiful, durable, very hard. In ancient times, with the mining, processing equipment and technology,It is certainly more popular thanmarble.Granite often contain other minerals, such as hornblende and mica, and presents a variety of colors, including:Brown, green, red, and common black. Because it is  crystallization process is very slow, it's crystal like a Rubik's cubeKind of a two intertwined, so it is very hard. It is like the house durable, can not afford to debris, not easy toScratches, not afraid of high temperature. Regardless of color or light, as long as there is some conservation of common sense, will not fade or changeDark. He is almost free from pollution, high surface gloss polished the various weather impurities almost notCan adhere.

The Travertine four characteristics

Characteristics of travertine (tufa). Travertine is a type of limestone, limestone is dissolved in water and then crystallized to form. Lighter than the limestone travertine hole.

Celebrated A Crazy Halloween

On Oct,27th,2012,our Newstar stone members celebrated the Halloween. For sweeping away rotten luck,bring us good luck and relax us after working. On that day,we held Halloween knowledge competition

European-style decorative stone application

Elegant European style brings a rich visual feast. A reference to the European style, a lot of people will think, decorated in marble the complex ceiling, complicated wall decoration need all the complex processing.

Natural Stone Bathroom Design Ideas

  With the rapid development of bath series in China, in addition to the ceramics, glass, and other industrials, there are more and more natural and beautifuls to dress up your space of bath.

Building stone houses

When stone ' target='_blank'>building houses, consumers hope a warm and comfortable decoration.Then we must pay attention to the renovation mix of stone colors, as well as q

Difference between jade and gem

What is the difference between jade gem

Stone colors suit for HOME decoration

Home improvement stone color selection, light-colored warm stone good match

Newstar 112th Canton Fair

newstar_canton_fair On Oct.15th-19th 2012,
Newstar Int's Sale & Service
participated in the 112th
China Import and Export Fair
at Pazhou exhibition.We show
stone products including
granite/marble tiles,countertop
and vanity
,stair and
pavers,onyx etc. 
In fair,we Newstar team show
recommended for the
customers depends on their
area.It wins the high
praisefrom the customer.
Many of them expressed their willing to cooperate with us,even introduce the intention friends to our booth.Also many old customers came to visit us and place the order again.
We have been committed to customer first,quality first,professional assurance,brand services,achieve win-win
with the customer,so far,we have many customers all over the world.

Here we would like to share some 112th Canton Fair pictures with you,now we are also look forward to working with you.


Tips for Cleaning the Water Fountain

A new water fountain is beautiful and dramatic, but it also needs the regular cleaning, otherwise, its beauty will lose with the time fade, especially for the outdoor fountain, it may require cleaning as often as once a month or even more, for that they have to undergo the wind, rain and sun. Thus, here we would like to share the cleaning tips with you.



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