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How to protect granite countertops?

Granite is a hard natural stone and usually not easily to be stained. However, due to frequently use the long time, granite countertops will eventually be stained.


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Kitchen Countertop Edge Types

Kitchen granite edge types can range from a simple cut edge to a higher or multi-cut edge.Rounded edges,completely round, looks like a semicircle from the side of it.Demi-Bullnose edge of the circle and then fall into one from the edge of the flat a corner at the bottom.Pane edge in a lot of families are common, any kitchen decorate work well under the background of all these side linear motion you can choose a complete square edge, which have a cut and are more likely to have several cut in a side.You can also select a bevel cut, which also has the straight line, but there are two cut a vertical cutting edge cut along the surface inclined and another from the top of the countertop for this second cut before removing the a corner.The egdes tend to several different style these include a Ogee cutting edge, it is like a tilt the S curve double Ogee cut has two tilt the S curve.The edges looks like a tilt the S curve, but there is a small section of the party in the middle of it has a concave part, followed by a 90 degree of straight down, and a convex section, out of the line to complete the edge.A hastriple edge  three circular cut the step to make edges of their work looks countertop a Roman Ogee cut started as a general Ogee cutting and the second curve into a Bullnose.


Black marble tile kitchen countertop

The kitchen is the moist easily place, all incrustation should choose the waterproof water resistant performance fine material. The ground, operates the floor the material should the water leakage, not to seep. origin: China constructs decoration network.The fire is in the kitchen the essential energy, therefore black marble tile kitchen countertop plays the part of the material to pay attention to the fire protection request, particularly around the fire pivot must pay attention to the material the being flame-resistant performance. origin: China constructs decoration network. At present in the market the black marble tile kitchen countertop quality is very rich, what is most common is not easy to distort, the fire protection wear-resisting man-made fire wall and the marble, the artificial stone and so on several kinds. The cabinet divides into the cabinet and under the cabinet, gets down the cabinet to have the floor. In the market quite popular has three kind of combinations. Take the floor as the artificial stone, the cabinet board is the crystal board, this is the price highest combination. The floor is the Li spar, the shutter uses the fire wall the combination is the medium price; What is cheapest is the fire wall floor and the fire wall shutter combination.



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