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Tips of Granite Kerbstone Conservation

The appearance of the stone looks very hard, seems to be a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant building materials. However, due to the natural stone itself, cracks and pores with adsorption and permeability, which became the aging of the stone and the root causes of various diseases. And marble is composed of calcium, granite is composed of silicate minerals, so easy to react with some chemical substances. The protection of natural stone like to protect our body, if not pay attention to maintenance or maintenance methods are not correct, will make the stone natural noble, elegant temperament style gone.


Maintenance Method of Stone Countertop

A wide variety of countertops, in the maintenance of them can not be generalized, to distinguish between maintenance methods. This article gives you the knowledge of furniture maintenance, to introduce the most common two kinds of table material - artificial stone and natural stone cabinet countertop maintenance methods. Everyone is the two kinds of cabinet countertops must pay attention to it!


Three questions about natural marble stone

Question 1: natural marble will have an impact on the body?

A: natural marble will not harm the human body, can be assured that use in any place. Natural marble belongs to sedimentary rocks, mainly composed of carbonate minerals, from the natural marble formation of the geological process analysis, its formation is not directly associated with radioactive substances, and thus the human body does not have radioactive hazards. Natural stone and tile according to the radioactive level is divided into A, B, C three categories. Class A products can be used in any occasion, including office buildings and family rooms; Class B products are more radioactive than Class A and can not be used in the interior of the room but can be used for the interior and exterior of all other buildings; Class radioactive than A, B two categories, can only be used for the exterior of the building. Natural marble belongs to class A, that natural marble will not harm the human body, can be assured that use in any place.


The daily life of stone cleaning and conservation

Modern civilization continues to develop, stone is widely used in our lives. Because the decorative effect of stone noble, elegant, so some star hotels, business offices, conference halls, exhibition centers and even high-end villas and other decorative preferred are stone. With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more families also choose stone as decoration decoration materials. Stone has a beautiful decorative effect because the natural pattern of stone, but more important is the late maintenance of the future. Different environments in the stone daily maintenance methods are different, should be based on the use of stone and the environment to choose a different stone conservation methods.


Five Steps of Stone Steps Installation

1. Grass-roots Treatment


Stone mosaic material costs are very low?

There is an incorrect concept in the market, that is, all the mosaic products are processed by stone material or scrap, so the cost is very low.


How to identify the authenticity of quartz stone?

Quartz stone material is quartz powder, a rich combination of colors to make it a natural stone texture and beautiful surface gloss. Can be widely used in public buildings and home decoration (kitchen countertops, wash baskets, kitchen walls, tables, coffee table, windowsill, door sets, etc.) field, is a non-radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green new building decorative materials. Quartz stone surface smooth and no scratches retention, dense non-porous material structure makes the bacteria nowhere to hide, can be in direct contact with food, safe non-toxic.


Stone conservation tips

Stone conservation is mainly because of the environment, man-made, stone itself and other factors formed by the stone disease problems, through the stone care treatment, the original stone reproduction of the glory, that is, stone renovation. Usually encountered in the external walls of water seepage, pollution, weathering will form a glossy wear problems, then you need to stone professional stone conservation. On our common stone problems, the interpretation of a few stone care tips on the following aspects of governance:


Talking about the slate and its decorative effect

Natural stone slate at home and abroad is widely used, and slate with its unique surface and physical properties are more used to decorate the external walls, very artistic effect. Green, natural lines, do not fade, sound and moisture, no radioactive, hard quality, with good resistance to wear, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, elegant and elegant decorative effect. Widely used in various types of villas, hotel clubs, retro buildings, entertainment venues, residential quarters group buildings, clubs, resorts, playgrounds and other buildings inside and outside the wall decoration; allows modern people to enjoy the simple elegance, return to nature.

Artificial stone variety, the quality is not necessarily worse than the natural stone

Artificial stone variety, the quality is not necessarily worse than the natural stone. Artificial stone color is small, high mechanical strength, can be combined patterns, after forming the seamless shape and other characteristics are natural stone can not be compared. Buy stone to see the quality of the stone itself and the needs of the owners, can not blindly high prices and imported stone as the standard to define the quality of stone.




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