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Talking about the slate and its decorative effect

Natural stone slate at home and abroad is widely used, and slate with its unique surface and physical properties are more used to decorate the external walls, very artistic effect. Green, natural lines, do not fade, sound and moisture, no radioactive, hard quality, with good resistance to wear, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, elegant and elegant decorative effect. Widely used in various types of villas, hotel clubs, retro buildings, entertainment venues, residential quarters group buildings, clubs, resorts, playgrounds and other buildings inside and outside the wall decoration; allows modern people to enjoy the simple elegance, return to nature.

Artificial stone variety, the quality is not necessarily worse than the natural stone

Artificial stone variety, the quality is not necessarily worse than the natural stone. Artificial stone color is small, high mechanical strength, can be combined patterns, after forming the seamless shape and other characteristics are natural stone can not be compared. Buy stone to see the quality of the stone itself and the needs of the owners, can not blindly high prices and imported stone as the standard to define the quality of stone.


Advantages of stone composite tile

Marble composite tilehas the advantages of natural stone performance characteristics, but also practical performance advantages, which also determines the future of its sustainable development trend. The international market, more and more countries and regions widely used, but also verify the marble composite board market trends.


Cultural stone unique structure, where the most appropriate decoration

In the purchase of cultural stone, we must pay attention to the product testing report, pay attention to the standard value of radioactive, according to national standards, only A class of stone is suitable for indoor use.


The ground should not be all paved marble, to prevent overweight

Home improvement should pay attention to the floor of the building do not all pavement marble. Marble is more than a few times heavier than the weight of floor tiles and wood floors, and if the floor is full of marble, it is possible to overwhelm the floor. Especially on the second floor, because the housing safety identification station without the identification of housing decoration, the ground decoration material weight shall not exceed 40 kg / square meter.


Three points tell you how to identify the appearance of marble quality

Marble as a high-grade decorative stone, the purchase must be careful to identify the appearance of marble quality from the following several hands:


Teach you how to identify low quality artificial stone

With the continuous expansion of the artificial stone market, as well as the relevant national quality standards have not yet introduced, and now artificial stone products in the national brand gradually increased, fake and shoddy is also endless. One is fake well-known brands, some manufacturers joint use of consumer products do not understand, for the well-known brands on the market, through counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting, to impersonate the real goods. The use of manufacturers on the market management lax, to the quality of the card is not to the customer or do not paste security, gold and other means to achieve the purpose of deception; one is the direct use of consumer unfavorable psychological, local and foreign some illegal manufacturers landed, In the case of product quality is not the case, the industrial resin instead of methyl methacrylate, with calcium carbonate instead of aluminum hydroxide, at very low prices impact on the market. Now on the market retail more than 300 yuan per meter of artificial stone mostly so, these products without any quality and after-sales guarantee, easy to break, deformation, fade, and even toxic.


Stone table maintenance techniques and methods

Stone use more and more widely, and now people in the home improvement in the use of more and more stone, table applications include not only from the original kitchen countertops, washbasin, to the current windowsill, table, table and bar countertops, everywhere stone Embellishment application. But the stone in the durability also need to protect, stone as our skin, maintenance is very important. Xiaobian today to talk about those stone table maintenance techniques and methods.


Learn how to distinguish natural stone and artificial stone

Now the market sales of natural stone, part of the color is processed by the people, these stones generally use half a year or so will reveal its true face. Cut corners, the thickness of these stone is thin, and strength is not enough, so add a grid, the general color of the deep stone if there is a grid, most of this factor. Artificial stone is unsaturated polyester resin as binder, with natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic powder, and the amount of flame retardants, color, etc., by mixing ingredients, casting, Vibration compression, extrusion and other methods of curing made of an artificial stone.


The advantages and disadvantages of the stone countertops

The stone countertops are one of the most popular countertops for today's kitchens. The stone is mixed with more than 90 percent of the rock particles.



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