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How to identify the quality of marble

  How to identify the quality of marble Drops of ink. I.e. by a simple test method to verify the good or bad quality of the stone. Usually drops on the back of the stone pellets ink, ink qu

Hotel Decoration Stone

  Hotel Decoration Stone   High-grade marble is commonly used in hotel decoration to the hotel one of the stone. Marble What are the features and benefits of it? We first understan

Newstar 113th Canton Fair

 On Oct.15th-19th 2013,there are about fifteen thousands  people from all over world attend the Canton fair ,  Newstar Int's Sale & Serviceteam participated in the 113th China Import and Export Fair at Pazhou exhibition.We show stone products including granite/marble tiles,countertop and vanity,stair and pavers,onyx etc. In fair,we Newstar team show enthusiastic attitude,professional services,proactive recommended for the customers depends on their area.It wins the high praisefrom the customer. 


pebble interior design


Pebble  Interior Design

Travertine floor


Travertine  floor 

Difference between quartz and granite

Difference between quartz and granite  1, quartz stone is made of 94% quartz and 6% of the resin, the hardness of 7 degrees, and Engineered stone is marble powder and resin synthesis, hardness

Stone saw blade and matrix classification

  Stone processing and ultimately saw blade, saw blade from the ore body cut blocks of stone down (also useful for wire saws) then saw blade to cut blocks of stone plates. Finally saw blade c

Driveway Surfaces

  Driveway Surfaces Never underestimate the importance of a well-planned driveway. Done right, it should be wide enough to navigate, strong enough to withstand occasional delivery trucks an

Garden Fountain


Garden Fountain

When it comes to the placement of garden fountain the old mantra of location, location, and location holds true. The calming sounds and beautiful sights of a well-placed fountain can transform a landscape. The number one thing to remember is that a fountain should be placed in a spot that readily allows people to enjoy it. A fountain should never be hidden in a part of your yard that rarely gets visited, this defeats its purpose.Well, it's best to select a location for your fountain before selecting the fountain itself. This way you know how much space is available and what type and style of fountain will best suit your needs. Picking a fountain with a particular area of your garden in mind will result in a cohesive and natural feeling, as if the fountain belongs there. If done the other way around, you may end up with a fountain that sticks out like a sore thumb.


Marble & Slate & Sandstone Strip


Marble & Slate & Sandstone Strip

Stone Strip is a long narrow piece of stone , usually of uniform width. These strips are fabricate out of blocks and are most commonly used in the construction industry. The strips are made by cutting stones into pieces of varying length and widths as per the requirements.




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