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Install Limestone Floor Tile

Limestone flooring is available in various finishes, from smooth to a rough natural stone look. Since limestone is relatively soft, prevent edges from chipping by separating the limestone tiles with a grout line. Prepare concrete sub-floors by removing all debris and paint overspray and then leveling the floor with a self-leveling compound. Install a layer of concrete backer-board over wood sub-floors to prevent sagging and moisture encroachment. Choose tiles sized to fit against the longest wall so that the cut tiles at each end are at least half the width of a finished tile.


Artificial Stone

Nowadays, the most decreasing decorative materials are stone material and ceramic on the market, both of which occupies a very important market share. There was some data indicated that the market share ratio ceramic and stone is 4:1, the ceramic accounts for the absolute advantage. However, the ceramic decorative materials market is shrinking year by year, and the status of the stone increases year by year, in which culture stone grew at 50% a year.


Stone Conservation in Shanghai

With the implementation of the policy of reform and development , the national economy soared, improved living environment , a variety of infrastructure and public construction has been actively developed. Stone as a natural high-grade construction decoration materials, its unique pattern, texture and a return to decorative effect , in this wave of construction has been widely used . According to the relevant state departments of statistics , in 1990 China's stone production was only 12.7 million square meters , to the end of 2004 reached 197 million square meters in 1990 , 14 times more than in 2006 Shanghai Stone almost equal to $ 4,000,000,000 aggregate . At present, China mainland annual consumption of about stone more than 200 million square meters , terms of 50% to be done to protect computing , there are more than 100 million square meters per year of the amount of protection .


Repair sandstone tiles

As soon as we have tried to install the sandstones that we can pursue to repair sandstones to the most professionals.Repair sandstone tiles comes in or the tile no matter what or the plate and, it was still very heavy, must therefore process the facility and the precision. How needs the very long time academic society to install the sandstone floor suitably. The repair may be the extreme is expensive, does not need to mention the fact you to be possible when the facility is injured. If the Repair sandstone tiles slight defect, will be the possible breakage or the broken sandstone will request the specialized repairment.The sandstone is very hard, durable and lasting. If it is exposed in the moisture, you must believe firmly, you use the suitable sealant. Sandstone in its degree change porosity. uses in the kitchen , the bathroom, the entrance and the flat roof, for its durability becomes reconciled the look, but to maintain a fine condition to need repeatedly after a few years to treat with the lapse of time and is sealed.


Clean Travertine Floors

Travertine is a type of limestone that forms when calcium carbonate separates from water during evaporation. It's formed in areas where there's a combination of limestone and hot springs. The Mammoth Hot Springs of Yellowstone park in the United States is one example. Home builders like travertine because it's durable, elegant and easy to cut. Travertine tile is known for its tiny pock marks and rivets, which gives it great character visually, but poses some cleaning challenges.

Black galaxy granite


Black galaxy granite was initially known as star galaxy granite and is popular all over the world today. The reason it has this name is the material that is used in it which gives a black background effect with tiny golden specks in it. It is used to give an extravagant look to the homes and is usually seen being used commercially. It can only be found in small tiles that are used for flooring and countertops as well.


Portoro marble


Hundred Regiments Campaign

Our company joined one big competition tournament called Great Battle of 100 Companies starting from Nov 12th and ending up on December 31th.

From a kick-off meeting for now on, all guys through grouping PK, simulate the role of the "war", build the atmosphere of "war", to operate with each other, mutual communication and sharing, so as to promote the team and staff grow.




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