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Different colors of marble decoration

1, white lines

White stone in the decorative design of the application of more and more widely, has gradually become the darling of high-end design. The first to bring you a taste of different designers on the use of white stone exquisite.

White natural stone, the marble varieties are generally: white snow, white, white crystal, Cara white, white Yugoslavia, white jazz, white white, fine white flowers, large white flowers, white marble, oriental white, Wait.

2, gray line

In the eyes of the artist is always the most beautiful gray is the most mysterious color, its rich sense of depth and color intoxicated. Gray stone also has such a charm, people can not withstand the temptation! For the expression of space among the modern, simple beauty, is a low-key luxury, by the designer's favorite.

Gray stone is mainly Santoran ash, Pose high ash, pizza ash, Carmen gray, Illinois gray, silver tripod gray, Venus gray, cloud Dora gray, gray agate, gray crystal.

3, black line

Black is a very strong color, it can be solemn elegance, but also willing to highlight the other colors behind the scenes; it can restrain silence, but also simple and neat. Elegant, low-key, introverted style, suitable for traditional Chinese style; the other hand, you want to express competent, stylish European style, you can also choose black. Black is the classic design of stone in the split color and background color.

The main black stone black gold flowers, black and white roots, plateau impression, Reuters, Mexican interest, ice, tea jade, Galaxia legend.

4, yellow line

Yellow is a very mild tone, it can and a lot of colors blend together well. If the warm and intersection, it presents a warm and harmonious sunflower garden home atmosphere; if with the cool color to hold, such as thin gauze thick shadows of the girl as mysterious unpredictable. Because of its elegant, magnificent colors and dirt characteristics of the widely used by designers.

We are familiar with the yellow stone, including gold spider, the new Sofitel gold, wood stone, yellow stone, Burley yellow, golden years, Rome travertine, ivory gold, royal gold, gold, butterfly dream, yellow robe ,, gold Leaves, yellow jade and so on.

5, color system

Color warm color, personality staunch and outgoing, easy to attract the attention of people, in many colors, the color is the most vivid and most vivid colors. Therefore, color is also representative of the emotional passion of the color, you can create both elegant and rich taste of the decorative style.

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