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« Stone has been very beautifulDifferent colors of marble decoration »

Natural marble mansion choice

Today, said the five advantages of natural marble, after reading, you do not choose the marble backdrop of reason?

1, the natural beauty

Natural pattern (can not reproduce, can not be copied), natural luster (showing natural luster), natural texture, high plasticity, can be processed in any shape; long geological diagenesis process, creating different patterns of marble, From the color point of view: "color is the United States", natural marble color is rich, there is a white color, "white clouds", " , Black, beige, green, pink, red and other colors and luster, and the natural soft, not stiff, has a very good integration; from the texture of view: "hundreds of millions of years into its shape" natural marble , Due to the different varieties and showing a different texture, or warm, or hard, or structured, or flat as a mirror, put it down, amazed!

2, durable

Natural marble has an unparalleled economic value compared to other man-made building materials. As a product of geological evolution of hundreds of millions of years, marble can have hundreds of years of service life. Historically many of the achievements of natural marble architectural relics have thousands of years of history, such as the Greek temple, the ancient Roman Colosseum and so on with more than 2,000 years of history. "Refurbished" and "repairable" two characteristics, but also makes the marble timeless, more aesthetic, this is any other related building materials do not have.

3, the classic eternal

Natural marble with its unique nature, the scarcity of the United States to become eternal. There are many imitation marble tile products, but this can be unlimited production of products, completely unmatched marble unique properties, rare to reflect the eternal value of natural marble is the best protection. Natural marble is the result of the power of nature, any artificial environment can not be truly copied and imitated, can never be exceeded. Therefore, the natural beauty of the most classic marble, the most eternal.

4, extraordinary taste

In ancient civilization, natural marble as a noble material, often used in the palace, temples and statues and other architectural miracles in the building, to show the worship of the rulers and gods, the worship of natural forces; to modern, natural marble Still as an irreplaceable top building materials, a national project, star hotels and luxury hotels and other places of choice, such as the Great Hall of the "Golden Hall", the National Grand Theater and other buildings, all confirmed the natural marble is passed Of the extraordinary taste.

5, green environmental protection

Natural marble into natural, produced in nature, like flowers and trees in general, and human living environment-friendly integration, not likely to have an impact on human health radioactive material. According to GB2008, GB2010, GB2011, GB2013 standards, stone radioactive far below the tile, wood flooring, mobile phones, computers, etc.), belonging to the national Class A (green) building materials; modern natural marble mining operations, has completely abandoned the gunpowder cracking And so on will naturally destroy the operation of the technology, "cold mining" technology popularization and promotion of mining resources in the greatly improve the extraction rate and utilization, but also will minimize the damage to the natural environment.

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