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« Classification and Selection of Natural StoneIntroduction of white series granite stone »

What kind of stone suitable for your home?

Stone, with its solid texture, brilliant colors, simple and elegant or Furama expensive decorative style by the people. In the interior decoration for the ground, walls or partial decoration, the natural style into the room, creating a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

Stone, including cultural stone, marble, granite, stone culture, including natural and artificial culture stone two kinds of stone. All kinds of stone because of its color, production process, different texture, the price is very different.

Cultural stone used for indoor partial decoration

Cultural stone shapes, different colors, mostly for interior decoration, such as indoor TV wall decoration, iron heating hood around the relief shape, or the ground in the courtyard, decorative effect close to nature, reflecting the quaint Decoration style. Artificial culture stone is made of natural culture stone after re-processing, lighter texture, with non-toxic, mildew, easy installation features, suitable for local processing of the wall to reduce the wall bearing capacity, the price is more natural culture Stone expensive, from the joint venture manufacturers of the brand, the price is generally 300 yuan / box or more, if the imported brands, the price will be higher, up to 1,000 yuan / box or so. The price of natural stone culture is much cheaper, the price is generally 120 yuan to 130 yuan / square meters. Consumers can according to their own economic capacity and needs of purposeful purchase.

The marble color determines the price

Marble has always been a solid texture, colorful people loved by the people. Marble purchase of a consumer, said the marble strong, color and more choices range, you can choose one or several different colors with the use of decorative effect, a sense of luxury. But also said that the selection of marble is a nuisance, because the same color of natural marble color, so when the purchase to go with the business to the Treasury to a block of the selection. So as not to color too much, undermine the overall decorative effect.

The color of marble is also an important factor in determining the price. According to business description, unique color marble because of its mineral less, so the price is more expensive. Color similar to the color of marble ore prices generally in the 100 yuan / square meters, while the same specifications of the red, black, green marble, the price is 300 yuan / square meter to 500 yuan / square meter.

Artificial marble is a new trend of stone development

Marble is currently on the market are mostly natural marble, the color of the same color between the marble, heavier weight, large area for interior decoration, will increase the body load-bearing floor, and natural marble may also exist on the human body harmful substances. Recently introduced to the market of man-made marble effectively solve these problems, according to businessmen, artificial marble from the natural marble powder reprocessing, hardness, gloss and abrasion resistance are better than natural marble, artificial marble color, texture and delicate , Light weight, there is no color difference between the same color and radioactive material. But because of artificial marble and more imported from abroad, the price is high, about 700 yuan per square meter, and a single model, can only do the ground decoration.

Standard and method of testing radioactive material for stone

In the national promulgation of the "classification of natural stone products, radiation protection control standards," according to the stone radium equivalent concentration, stone radioactive into A, B, C three categories, A for interior decoration, B for other decorations Of the interior decoration, C class can only be used for all the external facades of the building. According to the latest inspection results show that the low level of radioactive marble, granite radioactivity is relatively high. China's vast majority of the emission level of stone to meet the requirements of the standard, suitable for home decoration.

There are many ways to detect stone radioactivity, the more common and easy way is to use Geiger counter, can also be used chemical analysis, combined with physical methods to calculate. Experts advise consumers to purchase products to the manufacturers for radioactive certification for the use of stone consumers, with the Beijing University Environmental Science and Technology Testing Center, Beijing radiation health protection department, please experts do stone radioactive detection .

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