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Stone mosaic paving with stress


Stone mosaic of diversification and quality performance, and gradually revealed in the home decoration, whether it is a simple color patchwork or color puzzle, has a different flavor, generous and personality at the same time. But how to paste mosaic, I believe there are still many people do not know, the following together to learn.

The first step on the plastic

Glue is the first layer of glue in the wall brush, which is an important step mosaic paving. Will be a good mix of stone mosaic glue or white cement brush on the wall, with a special tool applied evenly, smooth, smear the glue or white cement thickness is about 20mm.

The second step paste stone mosaic

In accordance with the design drawings will be mosaic stone laying on the substrate in good glue on the wall, each finished a tile, it is necessary to combine it with the glue firm. Can be used to fill the prison or with a rubber pad hammer even beat, to ensure that each mosaic can be firmly combined.

The third step filling

To be mosaic dry with a certain intensity, you can begin to fill the gap. At this time it is best to use a professional caulking or putty shovel wipe, will be a good tune to fill a good gap filling the gap in the mosaic, filling the time to pay attention to the fullness of caulking agent. Each operating area can not be greater than 2 square meters, to ensure construction quality, reduce the difficulty of cleaning.

Step 4 Clean

Mosaic after 20-25 minutes after the caulking, with a damp cloth or wet sponge mosaic surface of the excess sealant erase clean, pay attention to control the intensity of the erasure, to avoid cracks in the sealant is also erased, and finally again Wipe with a dry cloth to complete the paving process.


1. Paving mosaic tiles, the gap between each tile and mosaic particles to keep the gap between the same, to avoid affecting the overall appearance.

2. Mosaic finished paste each time, must be compacted to ensure adequate adhesion.

3. Because the mosaic focus on parquet, so each mosaic order to pay attention, there is a mistake rework waste of manpower and resources.

4. Stones after the stone mosaic should be caulking tight, does not appear skewed, etc., the surface is not stained, glue and so on.

How to paste stone mosaic? According to the steps to pay attention to details can be posted a good process. After a good paste for daily maintenance, just use clean water and rags can be clean, if there are difficult to clear stains, you can use stone cleaner, and then clean the water can be.

Note that the spacing between the mosaic and mosaic particles to maintain consistency, and each completed a mosaic, to confirm that each are compacted with the adhesive fully integrated. Paving good mosaic about 30 minutes after the sponge or other tools can be wet with water, paper wet for about 5 minutes) can be exposed after the back of paper. Paving before re-use tile or white cement thin plaster muddy time, and to ensure that the substrate surface smooth, and then paste the network paste mosaic wall, floor or table. Stones should pay attention to mosaic spacing and mosaic particles to keep the gap between the same, and each will be mosaic by the direction of the arrow marked neatly paved, and with a caulking rubbing prison. Because mosaic focus on the use of color, so the work is to meet certain requirements collage.

The first shall not be skewed, warping, hollowing and other phenomena.

The second mural on the mouth of the mouth of the deviation allowed to 2MM third paste after the mosaic surface should be clean, uniform color, caulking closely, the same depth, shall not have from the base, stains, mortar flow marks.

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