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« Maintenance and methods of stone countertopsStone has been very beautiful »

The seven characteristics of green environmental protection

Because the granite composition contains more than 90% natural marble, it retains the noble and elegant characteristics of the natural stone. It is more colorful, uniform in color, precise in size, high in smoothness, resistant to abrasion, good in ventilation and environmental protection. Renovation and other characteristics, is an international popular green decorative materials. Has the following characteristics:

(1) quality and stability: Gangshi special manufacturing process, the international leader in the technical level, so that its products have a stable, reliable quality assurance. Compared with ceramic tiles, the stone can be renovated many times, the size specifications, good flatness, and other advantages; Division I of the material forming stone products can be shaped processing, the advantages of higher density.

(2) small color: the concentration process in the synthesis process, completely solve the plagued natural stone decoration process can not solve the problem of chromatic aberration, with large area color difference, the appearance of uniform color uniform pattern, the overall effect of good decoration Characteristics, especially for large-scale projects in the large area of ​​pavement. Delun Kong stone products for hotels, hotels, shopping malls, airports, railway stations, subways and other places of large-scale renovation, but also family room decoration and craft furniture production of the ideal material.

(3) high strength: Gang Shi production process to eliminate all the dark cracks, cracks, making its pavement more secure process; after high-tech processing and advanced molding technology, so that the strength of the stone to be strengthened (part of the high intensity In the same type of natural stone), the original 20 mm above the natural stone to some strength can now be 12 mm thick. 139 stone mesh performance indicators in line with the export of artificial stone industry standards SN / T0308-93. Polished wax products in the factory and regular maintenance after use will greatly delay the aging process. Practice has proved that the stone because of the initial high strength, more than a decade after its strength decreased by 1/3 is still up to 80Mpa above the color retention rate is better than the same period of construction of natural marble, fully meet the needs.

(4) no radiation: the stone in the choice of materials on the strict screening, almost completely removed the stone contained in the radioactive elements. Gang stone products in full compliance with building materials radiation civil health protection standards GB6566-2001 standard Class A decorative materials requirements.

(5) light weight: light weight than the same natural light 109, in line with the Chinese Ministry of Construction on the building load-bearing standards.

(6) the full range, bright color: You can also into the shell, glass, lenses, mosaics, and other decorative materials; variety, complete, can also be in accordance with customer requirements, the color manufacturing process, the user or design according to their own personality and Style selection of varieties, interpretation of the unique decorative effect.

(7) easy to cut, the installation method is simple: the exact thickness of the same size, it can be paved with conventional methods, such as keel pavement, glue, cement pavement, cement bonding, dry hanging can be. Simple installation method, flexible pavement is another powerful stone advantage.

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