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How to reduce the indoor marble floor radiation hazards

Marble itself is radioactive with it is the brand that model has nothing to do, at best, a certain kind of stone radiation point, a kind of stone radiation small point only.


How to solve the stone radioactive safety hazards?

Stone with its quality and durability, color texture and other beautiful features of the decoration of the people of the favor, but the stone radioactive pollution hazards to health, so that people in the purchase of stone will inevitably lead to worry, this material can also be used as home improvement fashion building materials Use it?


Stone packaging transport and storage

Decorative stone If you want to use in order to get the ideal decorative effect. Must be from the packaging, transportation and custody of the staff.


How to choose the heart of the stone

One, hue

Natural finishes in addition to the need to consider the choice of color, but also consider the function of the building. In the home, the living room and bedroom decoration should use warm colors to show warmth, comfortable atmosphere; and for the bathroom, the kitchen decoration should choose Su-ying clean cool colors to show clean.


Can prevent the generation of echo, sandstone is a very ideal modern decorative stone

The twenty-first century is the return of mankind to nature, anti-rustic, the pursuit of green living space of the century. People after years of effort, and finally in nearly a hundred stone varieties found no radioactive material green building materials, a very beautiful texture of the sandstone. Natural, strong, clear texture, smooth lines, and some like mountains, and some like water, and some like grain, and some like waves, and some like birds, and some like beasts, and some like characters, thousands of things, Once again reproduce the picturesque picture of Yunnan marble. Some products have a high collection value. As a decorative stone, can be divided into white birch, beech wood, mountain pattern, the ring pattern, all kinds of wood. Colors are yellow, white, gray, red, brown, blue and other colors. The product is polished by matte, just to meet the contemporary people on the stone products matte fashion trends. After the spray, frosted treatment showed a three-dimensional effect. The product is made of fireplace, like wood non-wood, because the sandstone texture is very similar to Sen wood, not afraid of roast, not deformed. The mouth of a strong breathable, sound absorption, moisture absorption, can be adjusted in the dry and humid air, in the wet air to absorb excess moisture, in the dry air to release the humid air. At the same time there is a good sound-absorbing function, used in the opera house, lecture hall, hall, sports venues and other public places will not produce an echo, is a very ideal modern decorative stone. Many well-known foreign gymnasium, the cathedral are extensive use of sandstone to prevent the generation of echo.


Cultural stone unique structure, where is the most appropriate decoration

In the purchase of cultural stone, we must pay attention to the product testing report, pay attention to the standard value of radioactive, according to national standards, only A class of stone is suitable for indoor use.


Floor countertop stone selection of different


One, should pay attention to high-quality stone to see the surface

Natural stone depends on the merits of the quality and processing technology. High-quality stone surface, does not contain too much variegated, cloth color average, no flickering thick situation, and the quality of the stone after processing there will be a lot of irreplaceable "defects", so that the stone surface Of the color tones is an important indicator of the quality of stone evaluation. If the processing technology and technology is not related to the processing of finished products will be caused by warping, depression, stains, stains, missing ridges, cracks, color lines, pit and other phenomena, such as stone is not really " Top grade ".


Dignified, restrained black rock and its class

The beginning is more popular red and yellow stone, the demand is great, but soon, the use of black stone to become the trend of people catch up. Black stone gives an elegant, high-grade impression, through the mirror finishing gives a dignified, restrained luxury feel


How to choose stone furniture

One, should pay attention to high-quality stone to see the surface


Stone is closely linked to home decoration, buy stone keep in mind five

On the one hand the stone home filling "noble and luxurious" So, whether it is granite and marble are home furnishings in the permanent finishes, in the purchase of the time need to carefully selected, after the shop more carefully to care. On the other hand the stone, looks can give a kind of luxury knot, natural muddy feeling, whether it is granite or marble, so become a luxury living room in the ground material leading products. Although some of the extravagant granite products are more radioactive, consumers should pay special attention to the safety factor when purchasing, and when the safety factor is greater than 0.8, the indoor radon concentration will not be exceeded.



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