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Analysis of Problems in Sandstone Maintenance

Sandstone and ordinary stones need to be carefully nursing, want to keep the sandstone beautiful appearance, gloss, texture and practicality, must understand the characteristics of sandstone, while taking special care measures. Stone is widely used in a variety of occasions, but consumers generally do not care professional stone knowledge.


Travertine used as exterior finishes should be cautious

As a decorative material, travertine and marble are very different, these two stone materials are mainly used for building exterior decoration and interior flooring, wall decoration. However, due to the formation of travertine and physical characteristics, travertine in the use of the process may develop security issues.


How to distinguish between true and false quartz stone?

Quartz stone material is quartz, a rich combination of colors to make it a natural stone texture and beautiful surface gloss. Can be widely used in public buildings and home decoration (kitchen countertops, wash baskets, kitchen walls, tables, coffee table, windowsill, door sets, etc.) field, is a non-radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green new building Decorative materials. Quartz stone surface smooth, smooth and no scratches retention, dense non-porous material structure makes the bacteria nowhere to hide, can be in direct contact with food, safe non-toxic.


What is the suitable thickness for granite countertop?

Presumably everyone in life saw a lot of different types of cupboard countertops, but what kind of most so that everyone likes it, do not know whether you have used granite countertops, then Xiaobian give you about how the corolla table and granite How thick is the table?


Two kinds of stone color difference processing method

Two kinds of stone color difference processing method. According to the stone structure and color characteristics of different, we will have the color of the fineness of the stone is roughly summarized into two categories, and the corresponding proposed different solutions:


Stone "A grade product" "defective products"

Stone "A grade product" "defective products", a good or bad stone to know.


Artificial stone pavement plywood, kitchen countertops precautions

First, the kitchen countertops:

1, artificial stone for kitchen countertops when the cabinet must have no less than 1.5 cm above the thickness of the box board cushion.


The treatment of natural stone surface

Natural stone surface treatment methods are diverse, the more popular is the following several.


Cultural stone unique structure, where is the most appropriate decoration

Cultural stone unique structure, where is the most appropriate decoration. In the purchase of cultural stone, we must pay attention to the product testing report, pay attention to the standard value of radioactive, according to national standards, only A class of stone is suitable for indoor use.


Remember ten points, easily pick a good stone

Home improvement stone decoration to choose, or else spent a lot of money, the final selection of the stone color quality is not good. Decorated with different locations, the corresponding stone varieties have to choose the color.



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