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Artificial stone pavement plywood, kitchen countertops precautions

First, the kitchen countertops:

1, artificial stone for kitchen countertops when the cabinet must have no less than 1.5 cm above the thickness of the box board cushion.

2, man-made stone countertops must be added double-layer artificial stone, and to bond firmly, uniform, smooth surface, full coating adhesive, so that the table to achieve the overall strength, easy to break.

3, artificial stone kitchen countertop digging stove hole and water basin hole, the sawing must be fine grinding with sandpaper to achieve smooth and blunt mouth, and in the lower side of the opening outside the reinforced bone to enhance its strength. When installed inside the stove mouth and the surrounding must add garlic insulation layer to enhance the stove insulation effect.

4, the stove on the stove directly on the artificial stone countertops, because it has the possibility of fire down, will lead to aging table, burst, shorten the table life, so be sure to place the bottom of the stove insulation Heat treatment.

5, the temperature is low, do not continue to polish in one place, to prevent local warming rupture table.

Second, the windowsill countertops:

1, artificial stone for bay windows and windowsill countertops, we must first check whether the foundation is smooth, such as the basis of uneven should not lay artificial marble, it is best to use the decoration with the big core board leveling and laying artificial stone.

2, artificial stone countertops laid on the windowsill countertops, such as the foundation is the big core board, with glass glue can be bonded, such as the foundation is the cement surface, with marble glue (marble glue) can be bonded.

3, artificial stone laying in the windowsill countertops, the lower edge must be added double-layer, to enhance the strength of the table to prevent the fracture.

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