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Analysis of Problems in Sandstone Maintenance

Sandstone and ordinary stones need to be carefully nursing, want to keep the sandstone beautiful appearance, gloss, texture and practicality, must understand the characteristics of sandstone, while taking special care measures. Stone is widely used in a variety of occasions, but consumers generally do not care professional stone knowledge.

Sandstone conservation also has a lot of stress, life should pay attention to the following:

(1) can not be washed directly with water

Natural stone, like natural wood, is a kind of porous material that will breathe, so it is easy to absorb moisture or dissolve it through water. Stone if the absorption of excessive moisture and pollution, will inevitably lead to a variety of stone lesions, such as: crack, weathering, falling off, floating, spit yellow, water spots, rust, white, matte and other annoying problems. So the stone should be avoided with water or wet the mop to wash the stone surface.

(2) non-contact non-neutral items

All stone is afraid of acid and alkali. For example: acid often cause granite pyrite mineral oxidation and produce spit yellow phenomenon, the acid will decompose the calcium carbonate contained in the marble, causing the surface to be eroded, the alkali will erode granite feldspar and quartz Crystal grain boundary caused by the phenomenon of grain stripping. So non-neutral items is the reason for the destruction of stone mirror.

(3) can not be free on the wax

The market of wax species, including water-based wax, feeling fat acid wax, oily wax, acrylic wax and so on. These waxes basically contain acid and alkali substances. Not only will block the stone breathing pores, but also stained with dust to form wax scale, resulting in the phenomenon of stone surface yellowing. If the pedestrian and cargo flow frequently high places must be on the wax, you must ask the professional maintenance company to guide the use of wax and maintenance.

(4) can not be used with non-neutral cleaning agent

In order to achieve rapid cleaning effect, the general cleaning are containing acidity, so if the use of unknown ingredients for a long time cleaning agent, will make the stone surface luster loss, but also because of non-neutral agent residue is the main cause of future stone lesions The

(5) can not be long-term coverage of carpets, debris

In order to keep the stone breathe smoothly, should avoid the long-term coverage of the carpet surface of the carpet and debris, otherwise the words under the stone moisture can not be evaporated through the stone pores. The stone will be too heavy because of moisture, water content increased annoying stone disease problems If you must lay the carpet, stacking debris, please do not forget to change often to completely clean and clean.

To prevent contamination, to scrub, to prevent water penetration or to make sandstone more vivid, you can use brushing protective agent method. To prevent contamination, to scrub, to prevent water penetration or to make sandstone more vivid, you can use brushing protective agent method.

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