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Travertine used as exterior finishes should be cautious

As a decorative material, travertine and marble are very different, these two stone materials are mainly used for building exterior decoration and interior flooring, wall decoration. However, due to the formation of travertine and physical characteristics, travertine in the use of the process may develop security issues.

The density of the travertine itself is relatively high, but because of the existence of the hole, so that the phenomenon of hollow inside the travertine, high water absorption, and the existence of texture, mud line, mud belt, cracks and other natural defects, Making the travertine easily broken and the accident.

Natural defects are also the main cause of the poor frost resistance of such materials, many samples in the 25 freeze-thaw cycle performance has not yet ended when it has been frozen into a pile of gravel. This type of stone belongs to the carbonate structure of the limestone, carbonic acid is poor, used in such areas of heavy pollution in Asia, acid rain erosion will be very serious, but also will accelerate the destruction of stone.

Therefore, when the travertine used for wall decoration, especially when the external wall decoration, it will have a lot of security problems. In the acid rain erosion, wind and sun, alternating cold and heat and other adverse weather conditions, at any time there may be falling, stone works there will be a great security risk.

In the use of travertine as a wall decoration materials, to conduct a full scientific demonstration, so that experts from the technical checks to reduce the risk, control to the safe range.

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