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Stone "A grade product" "defective products"

Stone "A grade product" "defective products", a good or bad stone to know.

The quality of stone depends on the quality of raw materials and processing technology. High-quality stone surface, does not contain too much variegated, cloth color uniform, no obvious shading situation, and the quality of the stone after processing there will be a lot of irreparable "defects", so that the stone surface pattern tones Is an important indicator of the quality of stone evaluation. If the processing technology and technology, but after the processing of finished products will appear warping, depression, stains, stains, missing edges, cracks, color lines, pit and other phenomena, such as stone are "defective" The Under normal circumstances, good stone should have such a feature: the surface smooth, hand touch when no rough feeling; positive bright, light observation when the reflective effect is consistent, no flickering phenomenon; trimming, The edge of a stone with no color; texture clear, the same type of stone texture consistent, no significant difference.

You can listen to the stone when the sound of the percussion sound, the general quality of the stone its percussion sound crisp and pleasant, if there is a slight cracks within the stone or due to weathering lead to loose contact between the particles, the percussion rough dumb, it shows that the quality of stone good. And the purchase should also measure the size of stone specifications, so as not to affect the stitching, or cause stitching after the pattern, pattern, line deformation, affecting the decorative effect.

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