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Mosaic four advantages make him everywhere

Mosaic, the first is a mosaic art, to small stones, shells, tiles, glass and other colored applications used in the wall or floor drawing on the pattern to show an art. Now home office has a lot of use to. So what are the advantages of mosaic so popular?

One of the advantages:

Material innovation to meet more needs

Species: Common mosaic materials are: ceramic, glass, stone and metal mosaic, through the modern craftsmanship, mosaic in the texture of the innovation, there have been gold, shells, coconut shells, bamboo, wood mosaic. Ceramic mosaic and glass mosaic use the most extensive, ceramic mosaic after firing glaze, never fade; glass mosaic Naisuan Jian, corrosion-resistant, with zero absolute absolute advantage, the most suitable for decorative bathroom space, the disadvantage is resistance Poor grinding. Other materials Mosaic use is not common, but also can enrich the spatial expression. Natural color rich space can choose shell mosaic; distributed "Zen" meaning the space can be decorated with bamboo mosaic.

Decorative effect: ceramic mosaic because the surface has a color glazed, can make space very layered; glass mosaic crystal clear, so that more transparent space; metal mosaic surface with metallic luster and texture, for the space to bring an alternative experience; Mosaic in the performance of stone on the unique performance, can create a simple atmosphere. Mosaic of different materials can be coordinated with space-based coordination.

Advantages of the two:

Colorful achievements of visual feast

Type: mosaic rich colors, not limited to bright blue, green, brilliant yellow, tender powder, red and other bright colors, gray, beige, black and other elegant and simple color is also very necessary, it can match the color of the mosaic To the vital role.

Decorative effect: mosaic color can be divided into solid color, with the color, color, color and other colors with a variety of ways. The use of the same color mosaic depth jump or transition way, can be part of the local embellishment; through a large area of ​​solid color or metal color can be achieved gradient, contrast and other decorative effect, which is a large area of ​​decorative material can not appear color effects, In the green color for the main mix, with 50% of the proportion of the two light green mosaic, 30% of the configuration of the dark green mosaic, plus 20% of the lemon yellow as embellishment, will have a visual sense of pleasure; Mixed with the color can create a bright and lively atmosphere.

Advantages of the three:

Compact design passion

Type: mosaic commonly used specifications are 20 mm × 20 mm, 25 mm × 25 mm, 50 mm × 50 mm, etc., now according to the need and 10 mm × 10 mm, this small size is mainly used to fight frescoes and special patterns , The above specifications of the mosaic in the market mainly to "joint" as a unit for sale, the United States is a single mosaic according to a certain number of paved on paper made of practical units. There are some special use, so that the mosaic appeared 200 mm × 15 mm long bar shape, this mosaic is mainly used to do the wall line. In addition, there are round, diamond, bones, triangular, hexagonal mosaic, for the decoration of the space to bring more possibilities. Mosaic thickness is generally 4 to 6 mm.

Decorative effect: Compared with ordinary tiles, mosaic's biggest feature is the compact size, you can complete the other tiles can not achieve a lot of decorative effects, such as collage, arc, cylindrical and other surface paving, do not need to use shaped processing and other complex Technology can be easily completed. Because it is the smallest decoration materials, mosaic can often inspire designers of special inspiration sparks. The color of the debris attached to the wall, the ground, the frame, chairs, handrails, tables along the drawing into a pattern, collage outstanding pieces, inadvertently, they can see it as a wizard-like flash.

Advantages of four:

Collage free to change the space expression

Category: the different colors, specifications, shape mosaic to be combined, you can transform out the different spatial expressions, such as in a plane, the same color of the transition of the color, different colors spell out the pattern, for tiles and other decorative materials do waist Line for embellishment, etc., are the successful application of mosaic collage, the room surface or corner of the mosaic can play more casual features. In the stone surface, tile countertops or pastel walls inlaid with a few pieces of strong texture mosaic, can play the role of the finishing touch.

Decorative effect: different materials, colors, specifications, style mosaic in the same space perfect collage, will bring unexpected decorative effect, collage can be free, but not without the principle, you can first small area paving test, or in the Under the guidance of the designer.

Foreign mash has been blowing the wind, stone mosaic application range beyond the usual, living room, bedroom, aisle, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, bathroom and other places, everywhere, can only say that you can not think, no it can not. Especially in the kitchen application, coupled with the US stone countertop market replacement tide driven by the stone mosaic demand relative to the original will have a big increase.

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