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Talk about stone mosaic type

Mosaic, intended to be stitching in a meticulous decoration made. Early people living in the cave, in order to make the floor more durable, with a variety of marble paved the ground, the earliest mosaic is derived on this basis developed. Mosaic is the first kind of mosaic art, with small stones, shells, tiles, glass and other colored applications used in the wall or floor drawing on the pattern to show an art.

First, the broken surface Mosaic refers to the use of punching after the surface was a natural fracture of the effect of the unit block small pieces, through the manual design in accordance with the requirements of seamless stitching, the surface was uneven irregular mosaic; In the mosaic structure of the process of transformation of products, the current overseas market in the development stage.

Second, 3D mosaic that is a positive effect is not a simple layout of the plane, but for the three-dimensional effect of the mold mosaic products.

Third, small particles Mosaic, also known as ROMAN class mosaic, refers to the basic use of 15mm square (the main view of the size of the structure may be, if the larger pattern area, may be based on customer needs to be enlarged) small particles mainly to seamless Row of various types of continuous pattern of the group, the overall effect of the transition is more natural mosaic products. For the mold mosaic products of technology conversion products, is currently prevalent in overseas markets.

Four, mold mosaic can also be said to be with the mosaic of the mosaic. Its overall structure is different from the type of standardized small unit block, block and block in accordance with certain gaps in the standard, the location of the standard and pattern distribution requirements of the order of the discontinuous mosaic products. For the original structure of mosaic products, the use of more popular in overseas markets.

Fifth, the basic concept of carpet mosaic with the ROMAN class mosaic, is for its overall ground or a wall part of the symbolic meaning, or a part of the characteristics of the characteristics of the design and specially designed, the pattern is more representative, can be completely Used alone to play the decorative effect of the roman mosaic.

Six, stone mosaic design - sweater sweater of the weaving.

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