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Comparison of stone, wood, stainless steel skirting

Compared to the higher cost, high degree of concern in the floor, the skirting due to inconspicuous, usually not be taken seriously. At present the commonly used skirting material is stone, wood, stainless steel material.

Stone skirting is a better class, the visual experience is relatively hard, easy to paste, the overall surface is smooth, no repair traces. Although the price is more expensive, but in the family life when cleaning the ground will inevitably encounter the baseboard, stone hardness, wear resistance. In addition, in addition to the characteristics of the material itself, but also consider the choice of baseboard should be with the overall style of interior decoration, do not have to blindly pursue high-grade.

Stainless steel material visual effects are very different, feel very cold, but after the laying is very upscale. This material will be required to install higher, the construction should be fine enough, otherwise it will affect the appearance. For the average family,

The wood's baseboard is softer and looks softer and easy to install, but the wood surface often has traces of repair and poor wear resistance, shorter service life, usually about five or six years, It will wear off mottled, must be replaced.

Some people think that the skirting line is cumbersome and is a last resort. In fact, it is home improvement must use one of the materials, although not the protagonist building materials, but also has the effect of protection and decoration home.

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