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The four characteristics of travertine

Travertine characteristics, travertine is a type of limestone, is the limestone dissolved in water and then formed. The travertine is lighter than the limestone. The following are the same as the "

1. Travertine rock uniformity, texture, soft and small, very easy to mining processing, the proportion of (density) light, easy to transport, is a very versatile building stone.

2. Travertine has a good processing, sound insulation and heat insulation, can be deep processing applications, is an excellent architectural decoration materials.

3. Travertine fine texture, high adaptability, hardness, easy to carve, suitable for carving and special-shaped timber.

4. Travertine rich in color, unique arts and crafts, more special hole structure, has a good decorative performance, and because of the natural hole hole hole characteristics and beautiful texture, but also to do bonsai, rockery and other garden stone good material The

Travertine is a trade name, often referred to as porous limestone and porous tuff, stone contains many holes. The diameter and distribution density of the hole are related to the type and origin of the stone. Its common feature is the low strength, loose texture, the hole is easy to water, anti-freeze-thaw performance and weatherability are poor. Some very low strength of the travertine, processing a good stone even in the transport process to break, broken.

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